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Maps for a campaign type play - any need?

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I have a stack of CM maps created with Mapping Mission based on 1:20000 wartime maps. Now, what I have on my mind is to separate these into a continuous series of 6-10 maps following a stretch of road to south of Ihantala, shown on this map with blue dots:


Such a series might be interesting for those who like to play in campaign, as each map would be a continuation of the previous one. I'm just not particularly interested in developing this part of the idea, I'd rather just provide the maps and let someone else tinker with the system. Thoughts?

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I think the Meta Campaign is meant for multi-play. I'm just thinking of something simple, attacking along a road through a series of maps vs. AI.

Like after taking over this map (when you come from south)


you proceed along the road onto this map:


and so on. Basically all the area shown in the map in my original post have already been converted into Mapping Mission or CM format (and you can go e.g. to Der Kessel for them), I'm just thinking of making a special package out of them for special purposes.

What areas do you have wartime maps for?
I did say "south of Ihantala", doesn't that tell it all to you? :D So it's in Finland, southern end of the area is about 6 km NE of city of Viipuri. You can find maps covering most of the parts of Karelia that Finland lost in WW2 from here, it's not a secret.
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I'm working on a piece of software that will let people build campaigns such as this for play against the AI or PBEM. My first test scenario involves Stalingrad and it will keep me busy for a while (28 maps - ARGH) but I might be interested in using your maps for the 2nd scenario. Drop me an e-mail if you want some more info. I've got a really early screenshot of my program in the "Ideas For A Stalingrad Campaign" thread in Scenario talk.

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Originally posted by Sergei:

I have a stack of CM maps created with Mapping Mission based on 1:20000 wartime maps.

I would be interested in the Mapping Mission file. What is the total map size? I would need it to build any campiagn type game using these maps. This is so I could crop the actual areas where a fight would be determined to take place.
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DD, I'll send it to you. Send me an e-mail so I know your address. At the moment total size is 9 km tall and 7 km wide, but what I've done is actually 8 km tall and 5+ km wide.

Rokossovski, you can find some of these maps from Der Kessel maps sections, CMBB => Sergei. Or you can find huge maps which contain the same areas from Scenario Depot. I can send you these cut maps if you wish.

[ February 02, 2004, 05:02 AM: Message edited by: Sergei ]

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