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  1. Just a suggestion - now that you guys have brought in a developer to do the Vista updates to the old engine, why not have him (or someone else) update CMBB and CMAK with a really simple and generic interface for campaign systems? It probably wouldn't sell as many copies as the Vista update, but if you can get someone to do the code changes for free it's a small net profit, and a win with all the campaign game players who were waiting on CMC.
  2. Any update on the CMBB.EXE issue, Moon?
  3. Terrible, disappointing news to me, but I quite understand the sort of relief you describe, Hunter. Best of luck to you. And I have to add, going open source with the whole project at this point has got to be one of the most astonishingly generous things I have ever seen. My hat is off to both Hunter and BFC. Thank you.
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