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37 minutes ago, Vergeltungswaffe said:

You can just not save, but only you can stop you from restarting from the beginning.

You can do it, we have confidence in you!

Ha!  I have the same problem in a lot of different games @Falcon_the_Slut.  But in CM I just don't save like @Vergeltungswaffe suggests, until its time to save for the day.

It can be hard, but you can do it! Lots of deep breathing and telling yourself "I can do this!  I can do this!".

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10 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

I use 'Save Intervals', usually various multiples of 5 minutes, depending on scenario duration & intensity.....I don't reload, but I often 'stop to think for a while' (days, weeks or even months).  ;)


I have been "stopping and thinking" for about a full year on Courage and Fortitude. Mostly I am thinking "please no more".

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The more you save\load the less its fun. 

I only recently got used to playing without reloading and enjoying the pain.

Try replaying the mission you know well first and you will reach enlightenment.

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