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Hurry Hurry - Benny Carter Just You, Just Me - Lester Young The Last Time I Saw Paris - Ann Sothern Don't Fence Me In - Roy Rogers I Don't Want To Walk Without

I had a feeling Frank might be a bad idea, but I loved that picture.  C'est la vie.

I think there might be one person who could catch him 😉.  Apologies for the lack of input in this round, opted for some time out after my unrelated video was penalised in the previous competition.  Ru

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Ah no! You poor guy. You fell foul of the rules straight away. And also fell into one of our quality pratfalls.

Tunes can be anytime from the earliest piano rolls up to the end of 1944 to allow for the Operation Clipper campaign which was made for CMBN with the later modules CW, MG VP etc. But cannot include FB or FI.

Pictures must be of US Troops and contain trees, or hedges. And located in the area covered by CMBN and it's various modules.

There are three quality pratfalls which incur a five point penalty and Crosby is one of them. To help you and other players one of the others is a solo artist, the other a group.

There are also three bonus tracks which are used in my own "Yanks across the Ocean" music mod. Intro = 5 points. Splash = 10 Points. End of Battle = 15. It goes pretty much without saying that Warts 'n' all cannot use those tunes.

I won't dock you points for the out of time frame picture, but I'm afraid there is nothing I can do about the pratfall.

Current standings

Warts 'n' all - 2 Points

altipueri - Minus 5 Points

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Anyway, this WFH (working from home) is more like NWFH (Not WFH) so as I have the time here's a picture with a tree and the cover of a book I read about 50 years ago written by Ross S Carter of the 82nd




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Too dim to under stand; too lazy to work
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@LongLeftFlankAnyone who listens to Lucille Bogan is welcome in this thread. One would like to think that some of the bordellos liberated in Paris had this amongst their record collections. Two points there.

@Vergeltungswaffe My comp has been playing me about for the last two hours and I've been in need of a smile, so I shall bend the rules and pretend that the railway sleepers are Norman trees. Two points to you as well.

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And so as we come to the end of the 2nd day here at Royal St. Georges lets take a look at the leaderboard.

Warts 'n' all - 8 Points

Falaise - 4 Points

LongLeftFlank - 2 Points

Vergeltungswaffe - 2 Points

altipueri - Minus 5 Points

Hopefully competitor No.4 can get back to the judges soon with the info that they need so that his score can be updated soon.

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11 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

Wow, someone has been busy. Just a quick question from the committee before they dish out any points. No.s 1 and 5 don't look like they fit geographically, and No. 4 looks like it falls outside of the time frame. Perhaps you could tell us when and where.

Had a few minutes this afternoon.

No. 1 is Le Muy France, No. 4 is US Engineers in Normandy wearing flak jackets, which I had never seen and thought was neat, and No. 5, iirc, is the 5th Armored in Northern France right after D Day.


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