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For some reason, the URL to download and install of CMHelper from http://gregories.net/CMHelper/User Manual/CMHelper.html?GettingStarted.html. appears defunct.  However there is a dropbox download link at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jvh9sx. I think the cm-helper-1.7.5 version is the most stable to use for your machine, PC or Mac.

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On ‎1‎/‎29‎/‎2019 at 4:03 AM, 7thGalaxy said:

Hi, I'm interested in playing CMRT, or CMBN+CW+MG (no BP or VP), PBEM QB or scenario.  I'm relatively inexperienced. 

Is there a CMHelper type program still maintained?




Hello Tom...Shall We Play a Game.


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Remember the 4.0 problems affect both players the same so there is no point holding out on starting a game while waiting for the patch. If you want to reduce the occurrences of seeing the issue happen, play a quick battle and agree to take no off map artillery assets, only on map mortars allowed. You could also limit your vehicles to those with main guns of 50mm or less, again reducing the amount of large calibre HE flying around the map. 

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7 hours ago, Heirloom_Tomato said:

Absolutely. I have done so a few times in the past when patches or engine upgrades have been released.

While that’s usually true, please bear in mind there is no certainty to that and upgrades have been known to make a hash of things when introduced mid-battle, or even simply make the saved game unloadable. If that happens one may need to revert back to the previous version to continue.

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What they said :)

Here is the procedure for upgrading a PBEM game.

  1. open and watch the turn as usual
  2. press the BRB to get to the command phase - save it (I usually add _save to the end so that the auto number does not get messed with - this is not requirred)
  3. exit the game
  4. apply the patch - (note if you are worried about the doomsday scenario that @Bud Backer describes make a copy of your game install and patch one of them so you could revert back to the unpatched version if you need to)
  5. open the saved file with the newly patched game
  6. finish your orders
  7. press the BRB to generate the new email file - (delete the _save 001 off the end if you did the optional name change in step 2)

Continue happily with your PBEM game as @Heirloom_Tomato describes.

Note: if you hear odd sounds or constant air attack sounds just ignore them. Sometimes that happens usually they are just for the first minute after the patch. The longest I have had it happen was 2 minutes.

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