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Mord's Extra Tall Grass For SF2


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BF didn't give us options for any Extra Tall Grass in SF2. Out of all the terrain they were the ones I wanted most. Well, luckily they gave us two types of grain, the original from SF and a crop type. I used the old SF one, not tied to crops, and created an Extra Tall Grass mod for it. Basically you'll install it and when you want to paint Extra Tall Grass on the map just choose the Grain button. More details are  in the readme.















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Ohhh . . . nice!

How does it compare in terms of height and apparent concealment compared to grain?  The combat effect is presumably identical, but I'm hoping it's the same height and so forth as grain so its appearance does not mislead the player concerning the amount of concealment it offers.  Eyeballing it just now, it looks pretty comparable (but more visually appealing).

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11 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

This will please @Combatintman greatly, I suspect.....Me too FWIW.  B)

Great, enjoy! It's a small thing but adds a lot of atmosphere.

10 minutes ago, Rokossovski said:

How does it compare in terms of height and apparent concealment compared to grain?

From what I could see, and trust me I LOOKED and LOOKED and ROTATED and ZOOMED and LOOKED! it's the same height. I compared it side by side with every grass type (plus wheat) in the game. And by the way heed my warning about not having another grain mod installed. I went apesh** for about two hours trying to figure out why I couldn't get the MFing texture to show. I did tests marking all kinds of other textures etc. Ends up I had Kieme's grain texture buried in a sub folder. It's the second time in two weeks I have done that to myself!



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