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Recommend campaign for returning player

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I have been playing the Combat Mission games for many years since the early 2000's, but a few years ago I drifted off to other games (more grand strategy, like the AGEOD games, and non-wargame types).

However I want to try a new run into this game.

I haven't followed the developments over the last couple of years, but now I bought the general version 4 update.

I own CMBN, CMFI and CMRT, with their modules (and CMSF, but that one is a bit dated now, and I have played much more of it than of the newer games).

I am looking for a campaign to play, as I love the story part of a campaign. I don't want to pick a very hard campaign, as I want some leeway to pick up the gaming skills again.

And I have no idea how the balance has shifted through patches and upgrades.

Are there people here who can recommend a campaign? It can be a stock campaign or one from the repository.



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It's a bit hard to judge how the new versions of the engines have affected the older non-updated campaign (or scenarios).  I would recommend the newer offerings created in the last year that one can d/l. 

Dragonwynn has authored several new campaigns over the last year and from the one's I have attempted and from comments of others, they seem to all be done well. 

Right now, CMSF is threatening to become the most interesting and most active game per its threads(!).  So, I would not count it out at all.  Some interesting new concepts as well as interesting force mixes and situations can be found in the "Heart of Darkness" CMSF campaign.  Sgt Squarehead is also innovating and testing some good new ideas in CMSF.

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I'm currently playing CMBN "The Outlaws" by Eric Lee using v4.00 specifically to help me understand the game better than I do.  http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1279

It's the first campaign I've ever played.  I like how I can pace myself and I am enjoying it.  It starts very small and subsequent battles grow little by little.  It follows an historical narrative.  Others recommend "The Devil's Descent" which I haven't played but is next on my list.  http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1165

Good luck and good gaming!

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The Devil's Descent is superb - a narrative campaign, based around a single company, so you can get to know individual units and officer names.

That was the first campaign since the official CMSF one that I finished, and I think it shows the value of the campaign structure over individual missions - I'd love more small-unit campaigns like this.

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@Erik Springelkamp KG Von Schroif v4 is a very good campaign.  The creator, @George MC, even made printable maps that come with it.  Below is a link to the thread talking about it.  Unfortunately Photobuckets destructive activity has ruined many of the screenshots but you can still read about it. 

Below I copied a small part of the campaign description from the Scenario Depot III where it can be downloaded (See bottom of this post.  The below should give an idea of the high quality of this release.  

compiled all the campaign briefings into a PDF file titled Kampfgruppe von Schroif Campaign Briefing Handbook. Each brief is linked via the Campaign Flowchart so you can quickly access the briefing you want. If you don’t like reading then the Operation and Tactical Maps in each mission provide the key info required at a glance.  There is also a table showing your unit, its commanders and their ‘soft’ values e.g. experience, morale etc. In addition there are Force Tracker graphics which allow you to track casualties and effectiveness of your unit as the campaign rolls on.
In addition there is a pack of Tactical Maps included in the zip file. These are maps of all the main missions and are blank unannotated JPGs. They offer the player the ability to use them to plan their actions either on paper (print them out) or digitally on your PC/Laptop.    


It is available for download here: 


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