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  1. I have been playing the Combat Mission games for many years since the early 2000's, but a few years ago I drifted off to other games (more grand strategy, like the AGEOD games, and non-wargame types). However I want to try a new run into this game. I haven't followed the developments over the last couple of years, but now I bought the general version 4 update. I own CMBN, CMFI and CMRT, with their modules (and CMSF, but that one is a bit dated now, and I have played much more of it than of the newer games). I am looking for a campaign to play, as I love the story part of a
  2. This was last month happening in front of my house, remembrance of the liberation of Groningen, start of the 4-day battle here on April 13, 1945.
  3. On the thin plated turret cover: I was looking at the shape, and that shape is very much like stealth planes/ships/vehicles. And the new Russian AFV's have radar targeting devices. Could it be that they decrease the radar signature of the turret with a tin plate profile around the actual hardware because they assume radar might become an important device? Just a weird idea by somebody who doesn't know anything about modern tanks.
  4. Whether they had a right to do it doesn't change the description of what happened.
  5. Russia being morally wrong or right doesn't change the analysis. One may argue that the Kiev Ukrainians had good reasons to move away from Russia, but one cannot call that destabilizing Europe by Russia. It is a destabilization by Kiev, that was encouraged by the EU and the US. After that analysis one can start to argue why this destabilization may be worth it. When I were a Kiev Ukrainian I would probably support this destabilization, because I probably wouldn't have liked the status quo.
  6. Putin is not destabilizing Europe, he is trying to sabotage a move of the Ukraine to NATO/EU. Ukraine has always been part of the Russian sphere of influence (with only short interruptions during crises), so if anything is destabilizing Europe it is a move from Ukraine towards the West. Of course there are all kind of issues regarding the way this movement has developed and about the ways Russia is trying to prevent this movement, but it was the movement that destabilised the situation. But apart form the Ukraine, there is nothing wrong with the stability in Europe. (Southern Caucasus
  7. This video probably expresses a popular sentiment in Russia: Я Русский Оккупант | I'm a Russian Occupant (in the options you can turn on English subtitles)
  8. You may retract your number of 25 million, especially after having compared Alexey with holocaust deniers. That was really impolite.
  9. Hover your mouse over the name on any screen. That will give you that info in a popup.
  10. Nah, I believe the Crusades were the result of too much fighting spirit at the time. Power was displayed by fighting, and it caused too much destruction locally, so the Church redirected some of that energy elsewhere. (no harvest, no church taxes). Even here, in Frisia, where there were no Counts or higher authority then village bosses, those who could afford it built a ship to sail to the Mediterranean to go and fight and prove their courage. Otherwise those village bosses were campaigning each summer against each other. At the second half of the 13th century so much silver had been s
  11. When I click on your name, I see your profile, and this message on top.
  12. I see under my avatar, under the number of posts a line with '0 warning points'. I wonder what that means, I don't see it with any other members. I do not remember to have ever violated forum guidelines, but it sounds sinister, like having zero credit left.
  13. Now that it will probably more crowded around my original prediction, and allowed by the changed rules, I will amend my original entry with a time in this post 17012015 15:00 And I deserve to win because I was right on the mark with my original post
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