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  1. Especially when half your soldiers are not on the governments side.
  2. Great! I am immediately going to split 'The road to Nijmegen'. I played the first scenario, won, but because I was inpatient at the end I lost a lot of men. It happens often to me that after hours of play, I just think the game is done a little bit early :-) I have restarted the scenario to do better this time, but actually I much rather spend the time playing the next part. I mean, it is supposed to be fun, not work.
  3. I am mostly a recreational gamer, not a competitive one. I play with a 'let's see what happens if I do this...', which doesn't always lead to a happy ending. Still, it can be a lot of fun. So I complained a few years ago about the fact that the very good scenario's of the campaigns can only be enjoyed in the competitive mode, not in the recreational mode. The very satisfactory response was that I was offered the separate scenarios of the Dutch Campaign of NATO CMSF, so I could happily lose a scenario and get on with the next one in full strength. Meanwhile all of the campaigns of
  4. So Russia (RL today) has achieved half of her (CMBS) goals - acquiring the Crimea - without a shot. Fighting realistically only to be expected - maybe - in Eastern Ukraine, but at the moment the Kiev government doesn't seem to display much force in the East.
  5. I am very much looking forward to the game. Will it include Kindergärten units for the Germans?
  6. In the street I grew up there were several new buildings because of a German 20 mm defending from behind a canal there in April 1945. That piece single-handedly blocked the Canadian advance for several hours.
  7. Very promising. Maybe this will get me back into the game. It reminds me of the series of instruction-scenario's that JasonC wrote on CMBB, and that got me going into CM1. I hope your series can do the same to me for CMx2 WWII.
  8. Why were these files removed from the repository? It worries me, because I trusted the repository to be there when I would have to reinstall on a different computer.
  9. http://springelkamp.nl/Files/CMA/FloatingIconsRedBlueInverted.zip It appears my webserver protects files of type .brz and refuses to serve them. With the zip file it works for me (it also refused to give the .brz file to me through the webserver).
  10. I renamed the icon files and the result is here: http://springelkamp.nl/Files/CMA/FloatingIconsRedBlueInverted.brz But it doesn't work fully. The soviet blue icons are correctly replaced by my (Billy's) red soviet icons, the general red (hq and mines) icons are correctly replaced by Billy's blue versions, but all the mujahedeen icons are falling back at the default icons. I don't know why, I checked the names with the rezexplode of the version101.brz, and they seem all ok, the icons named 'mujahedeen red' are the correct blue icons, but yet they don't show up in the game.
  11. I very simple solution is to revert to the standard floating items for this scenario. As it is now, half my blue - Soviet - troops have the default icons, because there is no modded one available. If I remove the mod, everything will use the blue circles. But when I start up the Siren rename program, and figure out how it works again, I can probable produce a working mod in a few minutes by renaming red to blue and the other way around. I would even get red icons for blue soviets :-)
  12. I downloaded Battlegroup Ivanov, and it unrarred just fine. But unfortunately the floating icons mod doesn't support this change of sides. Maybe I can use a rename tool to switch red and blue icons. Haven't played it yet, the size is a bit intimidating. But I will, probably during my holiday.
  13. You want to play a realistic wargame, but you also want fake characters? Why not use fake tanks as well, I bet they can make some cool ones :-)
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