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I don't want refund, I want my life back


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This is totally unacceptable!

Don't know where to start?


- no undo in editor 

- spotting is broken 

- LOS/ LOF problems  

- dull graphic 

- bad performance 

- cartoon animations

- terrible UI

- favouring only one Army

- hostile community 

- developers just tell you "We don't have millions to fix those problems. Play it or don't play. Your problem."


Not to mention billion of defence trenches icons clutter?


And the worst thing of all.

- I often click on infantry inside halftruck instead of vehicle and send them to action even with driver.


And I still spend all of my free time and even some RL working hours inside this stupid game.

This must be stopped!


I mean what's the point?

This is the worst and stupidest thing since Flappy Bird!



I don't want refund, I want my life back.



No blah-blah this is realistic. 

This game not only cheat gameplay, it cheat our minds.


This must be stopped!



I'm tired.



There's new Winter Mod thread in CMBS if you didn't notice 

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lol its just a promotion for CMBS winter mod. THe only thing I can agree on is its too easy to make a wrong command, like u order a HQ and a company on the other side of the map charges into the open, and infantry spotting is a little under powered.  The rest of the games great however and lol favors one army (the US) that's just real life.

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