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If I even get 5 people to show up I will fire a flare and call it an unparalleled success.


This area is serviced by Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) and San Antonio International Airport (SAT) and the Killeen/Fort Hood Regional Airport for USA domestic travel (GRK).


14-16 August 2015 includes the 70th Anniversary of VJ Day. 

Nearby military museums include: Fort Hood, Camp Mabry, Nimitz Museum.


Edit: I have been to Camp Mabry Texas Forces Museum and the Nimitz Museum and both are very good.

I have not yet been to the Fort Hood museum.

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If all we get is tier zero attendance (< 10 people) then you all will be offered the kohlenklau white glove treatment. A no obligation offer to camp out at my ranch (indoors!) and I can do airport runs and we'll combo dine out and eat-in?

Tier 1 and up, we can incrementally tap into the extensive local hospitality infrastructure which offers the fullest spectrum of entertainment/accomodations for all appetites and budgets!


My secretary can help to track all attendees and we will work together to have a blast!

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OK, I was on the phone right away with a buddy forumite and he asked..Are we gonna have to lug our PC's or laptops and sit around all weekend and have some 80's LAN party?


I said no. My approach and idea is if you do bring a laptop and want to do that with a buddy who shows, then go at it.



BUT, I was hoping somehow we would maybe have some high-viz PBEM players show up? You know...the kind of forumites that we might all enjoy to watch take each other on in a kick-butt hot seat battle!

I was thinking you know the usual..a couple break-out rooms like corporate training and the big screen plasma on the wall in each. Axis in one room and allies in the other. Betting is authorized on Indian reservations!

Drinks will be available cash bar. Viewers can stroll in and out and see without Fog of War and hear the laughs. 

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This is NOT France or Germany but we have a few wineries and vineyards and tasting rooms and a few craft beer breweries! Free tours and samples.


Lakes and state parks for the swimming, boating and hiking crowd. Several local gyms to grab a workout.


Austin is the live music capital of the world they say...


San Antonio "river walk" with restaurants, bars and such.


Several area military bases if you want to stay there as DOD ID card holder?

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Great idea, but a little bit too far for me as well, i pretty much live on the opposite side of the planet. But i hope you will find enough people for your convention. Dont forget to make some photos to show us how it was!

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OK, a philosophy you might consider when thinking about this convention thing.

Oh. Convention might be a pumped up term no doubt. Feel free to think of it as a join up or meet up or whatever terms makes sense to you.

Convention seems to bring to mind some odd show of new products or long boring talks about better sales strategy.


If there is a PBEM buddy you have and would enjoy to meet up with him finally face to face for maybe the first and only time....

come on out. Have a beer and actually shake hands and it may never happen again. You don't need to be around anyone else or participate in all or any of the available activities.

Limbo contest?..nope, not mandatory. Pin the tail on the beta tester?...nope, optionall! Crap, you may not get in so close to get in on that contest! :D

Even just 2 or 3 people getting a chance to meet and chat. maybe the 2 or 3 overlap and you meet someone else. etc.


OK< power of the internet allows any interested person to do some checking on their favorite hotel, flights, rental car, etc.

Just PM me if you need me to go eyeball anything. Glad to assist anyone. :D

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ok, this is a bloggy kind of thread. Let me elaborate here about something I chatted with on the phone with a buddy forumite. Tell me if I am full of crap...


168 hours in a week. You chop out sleep, PT/gym time, the job, chores, driving and eating and a bunch of other stupid stuff like waiting in lines. Oh, I read that the average person spends 2 or 3 years in lines during their life. Uggh.

Anyway, so finally you have those few hours of your own time and what do you or can you effectively spend them on? Golfing? What do you guys do as hobbies? You all probably have some really great hobbies.

So maybe one of your CM friends might also share a common 2nd hobby. You can do that out here and play a round of golf with your CM PBEM buddy. Etc Etc for other hobbies.

But I think for time spent and the ability to just jump into a PBEM, really for me, CM is my #1 hobby. I love to hit the gym for a mile swim or a cardio machine and weights, etc. But I go there with my sons usually and it is a set time to be there and not a 5 minute play a turn when you see a turn come in type hobby. Plus all the time I spend on the forum. I don't do facebook or other sites that time-suck. Just here.


The point here is that maybe I am needing a new hobby? No! The point is I think to add to that #1 hobby some other facets. CM to me is the intersection of my love for military history, the interests into technology/mechanics/science/weapons, politics and then lately also on to graphic art with mods and creativity in scenarios and on and on. Now add in a better face to face friendship or 2 and a game of lawn darts! I can sharpen them if you want? :D

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Hmmm, interesting and tempting.


I shall have to explore the dreaded costs of a winged chariot to Texas ( I've never been to the States at all ).


Have to point out though, that if you hadn't linked this in the Emrys thread, I would never have seen it ( in fact, only discovered about a month ago, that there was a General Discussion thread ).


Edit: Ouch ! A thousand smackers ! That might hurt.

Plus I just realised that August is still in summer - in Texas ! Madness !

I'm Scottish you know, which means a milk-white complexion and a deep-seated aversion to sun and/or heat. :(


Come back about Nov/Jan/Feb and we talk :)

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Texas in August...must be a scorcher! I will try to get there, because it sounds like a blast, and semi-autos in the backyard is icing on the cake!

(I left my phone in the truck last night, and so only got your VM this morning. When's a good time to call you back?)

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I fully understand Baney. I guess we will have a 2nd one if this one even happens at all. :D


I am well acclimatized to the Texas heat so I will not buck against those from other areas who would not like hot and sunny with many girls in bikinis or silky nothings...all those female catering staff in their t-shirts clinging to their moist bodies as they hustle another round of beers and food over to me and the other guys. :D


Hey Mark, howz about anytime now on to 1600 CST? OK? +/- I am at "work"....  :D

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