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AXIS AAR: CMPzC Operation Eindhoven Road Mini-Battle 2

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MISSION (SNIPPET):  Blow the bridge, and scavenge as many of the heavy weapons as possible from the battlefield.


The man with the detonators won't arrive in the AO for another 10 minutes... until he arrives I will send my teams out to quickly scavenge as much equipment as possible from the field... the numbered points below all contain casualties that need attention.  I will apply first aid and gather up as much equipment as we can.  


The LT in charge of the scavenge/first aid teams will be moving forward to get eyes on the road... Hauptmann Burke and the LMG will remain in the rear to direct the man who will blow the bridge and to provide overwatch over the scavenge/first aid teams. 


There are two UI tanks on the road that I need to be careful of.  Currently I have nothing to defend myself against tanks.. so I need to grab as much AT weaponry as I can find and prepare to meet them.



This photo taken at the beginning of this action shows the team prior to sprinting to point 5 and a burning Sherman on the road.


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SITREP +2 Minutes:  Team at point 5, providing medical aid to two gun crew; Pak 75 is undamaged, will attempt to recover; enemy team noted slow crawling toward the surrendering soldat to team's front; will provide overwatch and interdict if possible :: 


At point 6 team started medical aid, found Pz Schreck on the wounded soldat ::


At point 3, medical aid provided and undamaged LMG recovered ::


At point 4, medical aid started, x2 Pz Fausts on the wounded soldaten; examining for functionality ;;


At point 2; medium mortar crew severely wounded, starting medical aid; will bring the mortar back across the river for examination; will attempt to recover as much mortar ammo as possible ;;


At point 1, one casualty with a Pz Faust, starting buddy aid, will examine the PF for functionality ::






At point 5:



At point 3:


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SITREP +3 Minutes:  Team at point 5 spots enemy moving to front, before they can find their safeties the enemy team has opened fire, joined by the Sherman on the road: x2 casualties, x 2 surrendering (including the leader); and the final member panics and runs.. toward the enemy.  Enemy identified: x4 infantry teams (x3 firm, x1 UI); and 1 Sherman 75.  Pak 75 will NOT be recovered.


[sIDEBAR - this is the result of having green units.. and I think having a scenario where many casualties have been taken also adds to their brittleness.. and I don't think the HQ unit being out of range helps either.  They were in foxholes, and non-moving, while the enemy team was moving.. this team should have fired first, but they never even got a shot off]






SITREP +3 Minutes (continued): Team at point 6 recovers the Pz Schreck and takes a shot... result:  [TBD] :: Good news: Team at point 4 has completed medic duties and recovered two functional PFs :: Team at point 3 has completed medic duties and has recovered 1 LMG :: Team at point 2 is almost finsihed with medic duties :: Team at point 1 is almost complete with medic duties and has recovered 1 functional PF.



NOTE: This will probably be my last turn until this evening as I have to travel to DC to meet with a CM VIP.   ;)

Edited by Bil Hardenberger
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SITREP +4 Minutes: The Pz Schreck missed the Sherman, high and long... they immediately attempted to withdraw but were caught by Sherman 75 fire suffering two casualties and with the other two panicked.  That team will also be lost I fear.  Other teams are either falling back on the road to delay the enemy or crossing the river with their recovered equipment.  Six minutes until the detonator arrives...


Burke out.


[sIDEBAR: For Phil.. I am ordering the team which would have recovered the mortar at point 2 to walk normally across the bridge.. can we call it recovered if they make it to the exit zone with the mortar?]


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I had no idea green troops were so drastically different from regular. Wow! Interesting AAR, Bil!


Hey Bud, I'm sure they are so brittle because the global morale must be extremely low with all the prep that Phil did killing off all those other teams before I got my hands on the scenario.. plus of course they are out of command so that adds to it.  Being out on a limb like they were does not not help.  I am consolidating near the LT by the road, so the next encounter they should behave, hopefully, closer to normal.

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Just curious, did you give any consideration to NOT attempting to recover the heavy weapons / Pak closest to the known enemy positions?

Or (Nevermind the danger, there's a war on after all.) was the potential reward worth the cost of the 5-man team?

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