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[WIP] Independent buildings revamp

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Hi all,

modular buildings in CMRT have a ot of high quality textures, I'm personally fine with most of them but some are a bit too dark or clean for my tastes. So I started revamping some of these buildings.

There are a lot of them in this title, so I will make mini packages and release them one by one (some might have a Group of building).

I'll keep this thread updated with releases, no work in progress previews.

So here is the very first one, the tiniest building in game (apart from chicken houses) revamped into HD fashion:


Download: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5239/details





Yes I am crazy enough to mod the chicken houses too, sooner or later.

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Download: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5241/details





Note: 2 variations of the released buildings still need work, in game they look the same but with a little different color tone and a second roof type, I will make them more different, but not much.

This is great work, Kieme. I'm not sure that roof looks right with the barn though. Barns are simple structures, often wood framed with simple and cheap, usually corrugated rooves. Your roof appears to be either slate or stone and is too expensive and elaborate for the building in my opinion. The vanilla roof looks more in keeping. Can that be modded?

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Thanks for the suggestions,

well, that modded roof is made of wood tiles, I decided to go for it because that barn is the most refined one, the other large barn, with only a single large door, will have something more rough.

The metal or corrugated metal panels will be on the second option of the same building, although I might add another wood roof type for the second variation, a more rough and less refined one, so that the same barn might have a good or shabbier look.

The vanilla texture has some very long and repetitive wood planks, a bit unrealistic since there are hardly planks so long and so perfect.

I'll try looking for some more variations for the roof, still in cheap wood but of a simpler look.

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Download: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5244/details


Did try some variety on the roofs (4 kinds of), while the wood wall motif is practically the same, just in vertical and horizontal fashions. Doors and Windows were very nice in vanilla so i didn't change them, but for 1 large door I modded.

1 small barn (types a and B) still missing.

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Thanks Teacher,

HOUSES - 1st part

This is Tricky: there's one kind of a log hut in game (1 story and 2 story), of a very dark brown color, so I decided to change it into a lighter tone of a more light brownish color, check previews to see if you like it or prefer the vanilla one (thatched roofs mostly unchanged).

The changelog:

-Buildings 004 - varied sharp, brightness and color of all log huts' versions - changed 2 roofs - desaturated and sharpened brick walls

Download: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5257/details

Vanilla hut:


Modded hut:


Modded brick ones:


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HOUSES 2nd part

Download: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5259/details


-Building 000 - 2 new roofs

-Building 001 - sharpened and corrected 1 roof

-Building 002 - 1 new roof

-Building 003 - 1 new roof, desaturated red bricks

-Building 007 - changed color and sharpened wood walls

Preview, modded hut:


This concludes the core of what I had in mind for the independent buildings, next thing I'd like to take a look at: churches.

I'll try to Group everything in this thread into a single big downloadable.

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