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  1. Amazing work - looking forward to getting this installed when you're good and ready to release it!
  2. Beautiful work - I have a feeling you'll be very welcome here!
  3. Edit - sorry - confusion with the new forum! Yeah, I found them very useful in the first scenario, but had more 'fun' with them in the second!
  4. Great work as always - much appreciated!
  5. Well, it turns out patience is a virtue after all - who'd a thunk it?
  6. Vein - love your stuff! Seriously good work getting this ready for day one download - thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks for the youtube link - the game is looking like it'll be a lot of fun to play (especially if you define fun as watching all your shiny toys being blown up in new, interesting and unexpected ways!) I really loved the river crossing map Chris used to demonstrate the amphibious craft - the attention to detail and clever use of the railway bridges really brought it to life - well done to the map designer!
  8. Fantastic news - really looking forward to some modern Modern!
  9. Lovely work Tanks! I just hope you enjoy modding stuff as much as I enjoy playing with it!
  10. Lovely work - now if only my pixeltruppen could hit the side of it...
  11. Lucky you - I'm stuck with Paul McCartney! :eek: Great mod though, despite my Frog Chorus ear worm - thanks MikeyD!
  12. I tried the buildingtest1R scenario and could enter all of the buildings (both floors of the 2 story structures too). I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit SP1, NVIDIA GTX670 (running 335.23), i5 2500K & 16GB RAM. Game settings: Display size: Desktop (1920 x 1080 60 Hz) V-sync: On Model quality: Best Texture quality: Best Antialias/Multisample: On High Priority process: Off NVIDIA 3D Settings: Anisotropic filtering: 16x AA FXAA: Off AA Gamma correction: On AA Mode: Application controlled AA Transparency: 8x (supersample) Max pre-rendered frames: Application controll
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