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  1. Beautiful work - I have a feeling you'll be very welcome here!
  2. Lucky you - I'm stuck with Paul McCartney! :eek: Great mod though, despite my Frog Chorus ear worm - thanks MikeyD!
  3. As one of the forumites who requested the horizon mod be released, a massive thank you from me! My own personal preference are the Set 1 horizon files but I don't use the HD clouds you also included (after trying them once) as I got the odd fast shadow effect as pointed out in your readme. Not that I'm complaining! I think the horizons look great - thanks so much for this!
  4. First up, I'm loving this campaign - prior to starting this I'd only played a couple of QBs to get myself further re-acquainted with the game (coming from CMSF and CMA). I'm on the 4th mission (Veteran WeGo), having won the previous 3 missions slowly but surely and with mostly acceptable casualty rates. I'm on the 4th mission (Le Hamleu? - can't check, stuck at work) and I am having real trouble keeping my casualties down due to both my impatience and also because I think I've got a bit cocky having managed so well up until now! Anyway, something happened that I wanted to draw PT's atten
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