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CMBB Scenario Conversion

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CMBB is oooooold. That's like asking for Ford to throw in a 1973 Mustang carburetor with the purchase of every 2014 Mustang. :)

About converting scenarios, the vast bulk of CMBB scenarios were outside the CMRT timeline. So most 'favorites' to be reconstructed for the new game engine would fall outside of the game's scope. I can't recall, were there any popular CMBB Bagration scenarios? I recall Kursk scenarios, Leningrad scenarios, Stalingrad scenarios, Berlin scenarios but I can't think of any Bagration scenarios. But its been a long long time since I looked.

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I have made a pretty faithfull (almost tile by tile) conversion of a CMAK scenario for CMBN and CMFI. It is pretty easy actually, especially with the map overlay tool. You just have to keep in mind that terrain tiles in CMx1 were 20x20m while they are 8x8m in CMx2, so you have to repleace 1 tile in CMx1 in with 3x3 tiles in CMx2, resulting in a 1.2 times larger map.

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Yes I'll confirm CM1 titles run fine for me on Win7 without any tweaking and that CM1 scenarios are perfect inspiration for remaking in CM2. Using CM1 for a template takes some of the leg work out of what is already a fairly arduous process for the non-proficient. I've been very slowly learning to use the editor on FGM Bloody Bocage. ..




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