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  1. Thanks, unfortunately, no. There is a big blob of bytes in every campaign file that somehow encodes the core units of a campaign, but I have been unable to figure out how to extract that in a way that it can be loaded in the editor. The thing is, scenario files use some kind of compression algorithm (or maybe even encryption), i.e. you can save the same the same file a bunch of times and large parts of the resulting files will be different each time. It might be possible to make an empty scenario file and somehow glue in the core unit bytes at the right place and hope it loads, but I haven't done any experiments for that yet. In fact haven't done any work on the application in the last weeks since I'm pretty much 100% preoccupied with finishing my Masters thesis. Once that is out of the way I'll probably have time to do some experiments. For now, uncam can do two things really well, which Mad Mike's tool (I always forget the spelling) can't and that is extracting CMA and CMSF1 campaigns and his tool is the only one able to extract updated CMSF2 campaigns, so everyone should be covered.
  2. Since this is somewhat related: The boxed version of CMSF1 had a map of Syria with all the forces involved in the fictional campaign and their operations depicted. Is this map somewhere in the documentation of the digital CMSF2 version? So far I haven't found it.
  3. By the way, in the same mission the briefing said there will be air support from two Apache helicopters, but you actually get two F-16s.
  4. Thanks for the reply, so it really is just an odd TOE. However, it seems the game is unable to reflect this when the off-map variant is selected, in which case you only get one type of mortar.
  5. I noticed something strange while playing the 3rd scenario of the TF Thunder campaign (the one with the airfield). For fire support you get two Strykers with 120mm mortars, but they also have a mounted 60mm mortar team each. Is this correct, it seems a bit strange to say the least. When looking at the OOB in the editor the on-map variant of the mortar platoon looked odd as well, with mixed 120mm vehicles and 81mm teams.
  6. Since I felt the same way about the colours in CMBN I made a little mod for myself, where I simply copied over all the summer textures from CMRT/CMBS over to Normandy, since I didn't like any of the other available terrain mods. If you are interested, I could upload it to CMMODS.
  7. Thanks for the report. I've noticed this as well and think it should be easy to fix, will probably get around to it in a couple of days. The TF Thunder and Semper Fi campaigns were reworked for the initial CMSF2 release so they are the ones causing problems as of now, while all the other campaigns are still identical to their CMSF1 versions and can still be unpacked. As far as I understand, ScAnCaDe can unpack the reworked campaigns out of the box.
  8. I've noticed this as well and don't think it is linked to the motivation setting. Seems more like a bug to me. Troops on hunt should not continue moving when fired upon and I'm pretty sure that did not use to be case.
  9. These sort of issues are always what keeps me away from making scenarios. I hope the devs read this thread. Also, I too believe a comeback of CMSF1 type ditches would help at least a little, they're also much more easy to use than the "ditch lock elevation" feature (and are better gameplay wise for troops taking cover).
  10. Should work without any external software. Just put it in the same folder with some campaign files and double click the .exe Some questions: - was an error log file created? If so, please send it to me or post it here - did you use the correct version? There are executables for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows - could you tell me specifically which campaign(s) you tried to extract?
  11. In order to run ScanCaDe you need to install Java (https://java.com/en/download/)
  12. Due to a specific request I've compiled a 32-bit version of the executable as well. No other changes so far, see the attachment. uncam-0.9.zip
  13. The updated KG Engel (CMBN) and Troina (CMFI) official campaigns are also not uploaded to the scenario depot, or were these integrated with a patch at some point?
  14. Is it gone for good? I believe there were files that were not uploaded to the new mod/scenario depot. I cant find the excellent "A bloody ride" campaign anywhere for instance. Would be a bloody shame if such great content were lost for ever
  15. How do you access your customer downloads with the new site?
  16. Yes you can, but the status of your or the enemies' core units will not be persistent with your savegames. In other words, all core units will be at full strength.
  17. I intend to do so, I just wanted to wait if someone reports any bugs or issues before doing so. No not really. The format for campaign files is pretty simple, it's basically just a bunch of files glued together, so all you have to do is find the glue. As I said Scenario (and savegame files) are much more complex and involve some sort of compression or decryption mechanism. I'm sure some reverse engineering expert could figure it out, but probably not me Not sure what you mean. You can extract scenario files from campaigns. You can open these files in the regular scenario editor then and alter whatever you like (or whatever can be altered with the editor). Repacking these (altered) scenario files back into a campaign files requires a little more input unfortunately, unless you don't mind losing the campaign briefing text/images.
  18. Hello, I had pretty much given up on CM back in 2016 for various reasons and mostly lost interest in anything CM related as well. The announcment of CMSF2 has brought me back somewhat and, coincidentally, I am currently learning a new programming language. So I decided to write a little application I had wanted to write even way back then, which can extract scenarios from campaign files so you can look at them in the editor or edit them. Mad Mike's ScAnCaDe is a great tool for parsing scenario files, extracting campaigns and visualizing scenario and campaign metadata. However, it does not work with the 'legacy' CM games Shock Force 1 and Afghanistan. Also, who knows if Mad Mike is still around to update it anymore for future versions. He did a great job deciphering the various campaign file formats that have existed throughout CM's lifetime and much of what I did is based on his groundwork (which involves a lot of staring at hundreds of rows of bytecode and figuring out which bytes stand for which variables), so credit where credit is due. And while according to the devs you should be able to play any old campaign in CMSF2 out of the box, now you can also extract the scenario files from these campaigns and update them to the new engine standards, even if the original creators are now longer around. I decided to focus on the extraction part and didn't bother with any of the metadata listing and visualizing. The tool should be able to extract any campaign file from any CM game so far and should also work with CMSF2 once it's released. I originally wanted to extract every bit of information required to also recompile the campaign from the extracted data without any further input, but that proved to be more difficult than I anticipated because some of that information is compressed or decrypted within the campaign files and I have not found a way yet how to extract that. This includes the campaign victory/loss texts and the complete core units and campaign briefing data. Maybe I will manage to add this at a later point. For now the scenario extraction works really well however, but I need some feedback from others. I don't have any CM games installed currently besides Shock Force and thus have only been able to thorougly test the CMSF stock campaign as well as many campaigns downloaded from the Scenario Depot. So if anyone finds a campaign that does not work, make sure to post or send me the error log file that should be created. Usage of the application is as simple as it can be, just put the .exe file in a directory that contains any number of campaign files and start the executable. uncam-0.9.zip
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