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Assault on Democracy Ladder

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Hello all

While Amadeus' excellent knock out tournament progress to the last 8, it is time to announce another forthcoming competition for players who wish to participate. Both Bill and Hubert have agreed to the concept of a Competition Ladder for AoD.

The basic outline will be:

1. The Ladder will run from Xmas 2013 to Xmas 2014 at which point an overall ladder winner will be announced.

2. Players who take part can play as many matches as they like, but to qualify for a ladder position at least 4 matches must be completed.

3. Each victory will earn the winner ladder points, but a loss will mean that points are taken away. Further details on points will follow later.

4. The only game that may be played is the full length scenario for AoD.

5. Players may have as many games on the go at one time as they want, but to try and make the matches fair and varied the administrator (that's me...) will set each match up. Every player will play as close to an equal number of axis and allied games as possible and as wide a range of opponents too.

6. Players that enter the ladder must commit to a decent turn speed. On average a game should not last longer than 3 months unless real world factors unavoidably intervene. If you cannot manage that kind of turn rate then please dont enter the ladder.

So.... how great an interest would there be in a ladder set up like this? If you think you would like to take part then please reply to this thread. Ideally I would like a hardcore group of about 10 - 12 players.

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Ok - I've been on a break for a week, but home tomorrow and over the weekend I will get stuff together to start the ladder.

In the meantime it would help me a great deal to have all player names and email addresses. In addition I need each player to tell me how many matches they want to play starting next week.

So please can all players email me at ama1970@hotmail.co.uk with their player name and the number of matches they want to start off with. I'll take it from there.

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Amona(Axis) - Catacol Highlander (Allies): game in October 1940.

Clausewitz (Axis) - Amona (Allies) - game in October 1941.

PGTomli (Axis) - Amona (Allies) - game in February 1941.

Amona (Axis) - Tony Lafferty (Allies) - First turn sent yesterday morning, no answer yet.

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