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  1. Isnogud (axis) vs Strategiclayabout (allies) game started (Dec 39) Strategiclayabout (axis) vs Luke (allies) game started (Feb 40)
  2. I second that , Not easy to make all those adjustments as things go on, well done !
  3. - We discussed it before but the problem can be Chungqing. The chances to recapture it as Allies are very low, it nearly always falls to Japs and usually early. It's easier for Allies to go for 2 points victory as Tokyo is more vulnerable than the chinese capital ! - It also explains why axis players are more willing to play to the end since their 1 point victory conditions are easier. But other than that since we have people playing each other for the first time. Because of skill difference or some moves and strategies are unknown it can lead to complete collapse quickly. - I don't know f
  4. Strategiclayabout (axis) vs Isnogud (allies) Axis surrenders in June 1942
  5. Clausewitz (axis) vs Strategiclayabout (allies) game started Strategiclayabout (axis) vs Isnogud (allies) March 1942
  6. Pacestick (axis) vs Strategiclayabout (allies) Axis surrenders in July 1943 Strategiclayabout (axis) vs Isnogud (allies) December 1941
  7. Pacestick (axis) vs Strategiclayabout (allies) March 1943 Strategiclayabout (axis) vs Isnogud (allies) March 1941
  8. Pacestick (axis) vs Strategiclayabout (allies) March 1942 PGtomli (axis) vs Strategiclayabout (allies) May 1941
  9. Pacestick (axis) vs Strategiclayabout (allies) March 1941 PGtomli (axis) vs Strategiclayabout (allies) July 1940
  10. Usually I consider first turn "tricks" as some kind of historical Axis "initiative". That said I prefer not to use them and furthermore I usually play (as Axis) like I don't know where starting hidden enemy units are .
  11. Strategiclayabout (Axis) - Amadeus (Allies) : April 1941 Pacestick (Axis) - Strategiclayabout (Allies) : game started
  12. Strategiclayabout (Axis) - Amadeus (Allies) game entering 1940. Pacestick (Axis) - Strategiclayabout (Allies) we agreed to start 29th December .
  13. Mails received: Strategiclayabout (Axis) - Amadeus (Allies) game started Pacestick (Axis) - Strategiclayabout (Allies) waiting first Axis turn
  14. Hi , More a suggestion than a question: maybe create a ladder thread where people say game as started is underway or has a problem and when there is a result. Or maybe use the rules and scoreboard one ? Probably better than spamming your mailbox ?
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