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  1. 2.5 years old and bumping this up. I come in occasionally to see what might be happening with multiplayer modes. Is the 3rd gen engine in design? Will TCP Wego with rewind and replay - or something even better - make it to the design stage? I would return to CM if my opponents and I could meet up online, play tcp and be able to make effective use of Wego and replay. CM was never an arcade game for me - and strategy requires at least a bit of space for brain think...…...
  2. Thought I'd pop back into BF - used to play CMBB and CMAK all the time, but fell out of love with the series because the new CMBN engine didnt support multiplayer TCP wego effectively. What's the situation now with multiplayer formats? Can TCP games happen with an ability to replay each 60 secs as many times as needed? Or has the engine developed any new slants to online multiplayer?
  3. Totally agree with you Pandur. CM2 killed the CM franchise for me because it wrecked TCP multiplayer. The CM1 WeGo principle was brilliant - but it disappeared in reality with CM2. Playing by email is ok.... but to be honest pbem games are losing a bit of their lustre. An ability to play simultaneously with chat is far better. I pop back from time to time to this forum to see what is going on - hoping that perhaps the realtime clickfest approach of CM2 has made BF enough money that they might be able to bring back the thoughtful elements of the game that were at the core of CM1. I continu
  4. Near final scoreboard is here. Isnogud is clearly going to be the winner. Congratulations to him.
  5. OK - 19 days to go in the ladder. I will be emailing players directly about the ladder situation, the scene going forward etc... but for now here is the current list of all matches. I am sure that somewhere along the line I have lost results for the handful of games still listed here as being ongoing - so if anyone can update me on these again then I'd be grateful and I can get the final scoreboard as accurate as possible. So - current state of matches is: Matches in play as of 11th December 2014 Amadeus (axis) vs gkizziah (allies) Lofty12 (axis) vs Tmanusa (allies) Fritz (axis
  6. Hi all It is my intention to do the final ladder update before the close of year 1 in the very near future. I have about half a dozen results sitting in my inbox, and a load of games that are still being played as far as I am aware. I am very sorry that updates have been so few since the summer - much going on, and in the last week a combination of government inspection and job interview has left me about as busy as I have ever been - but with 8 weeks to go an update WILL appear. There will also be a ladder next year, but the format will be different, and the length will be shorter. M
  7. OK - first scoreboard and ladder update in ages. I apologise about that. Anyway here goes: Matches in play as of 9 August 2014 Amadeus (axis) vs gkizziah (allies) PGTomli (axis) vs Catacol (allies) Catacol (axis) vs Steel32 (allies) Lofty12 (axis) vs Tmanusa (allies) Fritz (axis) vs PGTomli (allies) Dalibor (axis) vs 4th Bn 66th Reg (allies) Baron (axis) vs Lofty12 (allies) Mark (axis) vs Baron (allies) Amadeus (axis) vs Pacestick (allies) Amadeus (axis) vs Strategiclayabout (allies) Ludi 1867 (axis) vs Dalibor (allies) Clausewitz (axis) vs 4
  8. Thanks for the feedback so far - agree that if the mechanics are placed on google we can still post on this forum... not least to advertise that a ladder is actually going on. I'll send out a direct email about this in a few days to get a better feel for it all. Not sure whether a migration half way through is a good idea or not, but I agree that it would give players much more direct contact with what is going on, and that has to be a good thing. Bill - if we do migrate I would like you and Hubert both to be part of it too - unless you dont want to be!
  9. I can see it on there ok - take a closer look! Actually for some reason that grid always looks a bit fuzzy: I'm not a great graphics man but it does confuse me as to how photoshop creates a fuzzy jpg at maximum quality of a pretty clear excel spreadsheet!
  10. Finally - I am thinking of ways to make this ladder more accessible. Luke had an idea to use Google Docs - and I have just come off a brief training meeting at work showing us the benefits and functionality of google docs. I think I agree with him that it would work well. Players could upload their own results, and we could have more commentary and chat and general fun. Independent challenges would also be much easier. However to do it all players would have to have a google email address. I would appreciate comments about this proposal. I had initially thought that I might wait until l
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