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  1. This post is a year old - and my first CM games were about 20 years ago. The proper tcp wego game play mode was lost many years ago when they changed the engine and effectively broke real time strategy play. It works by pbem but not tcp. It's a huge shame. My best wargaming memories were made playing CM1 in wego realtime - proper pausing of turns, the ability to rewind the action as many times as required and watch from different angles, all on a turn timer so that the replay watching was limited to 2mins or 5mins or 10mins or however long both players wanted to give it. It helped make the game a proper live strategy wargame and not a click fest or just a paused game. The pause game is no good at all because you cant watch all parts of the battlefield effectively without a replay option. When TCP wego replay died I left the game. I come back in here occasionally hoping it might be properly reintegrated into the game but it would seem it isnt a big enough priority. PBEM is sterile - it works for some games and players who arent able to log in for a 2 or 3 hour session with an opponent/friend - but it isnt a patch on that TCP experience. Nothn=ing quite like CM1 has ever been made since - you can get some proper tcp fun on Civ6 or the Panzer Corps 2 is a very good hex based 2 player game - but it isnt like the 3D battlefield that CM created. I'll keep popping in here to see whether tcp play becomes a priority again. I guess market research has suggested the most profit is made out of twitch fibre click fest or pbem. No problem with that - people have to make a living. But it is a shame that the best style of play was lost, even if it didnt win the popular majority vote.
  2. 2.5 years old and bumping this up. I come in occasionally to see what might be happening with multiplayer modes. Is the 3rd gen engine in design? Will TCP Wego with rewind and replay - or something even better - make it to the design stage? I would return to CM if my opponents and I could meet up online, play tcp and be able to make effective use of Wego and replay. CM was never an arcade game for me - and strategy requires at least a bit of space for brain think...…...
  3. Thought I'd pop back into BF - used to play CMBB and CMAK all the time, but fell out of love with the series because the new CMBN engine didnt support multiplayer TCP wego effectively. What's the situation now with multiplayer formats? Can TCP games happen with an ability to replay each 60 secs as many times as needed? Or has the engine developed any new slants to online multiplayer?
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