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  1. hello.... I have been running an AoD tournament the last couple of years. Last time we had 12 players. We have a 'new' modification that we are planning on playing on the next tournament round...starting mid-October 2017. (called "Allies Stronger")... and some of us are playing it now... after a little more play, I will probably be tweaking the victory conditions. If you are interested, I could send the mod file for your review. We will be handicapping play for participants that aren't quite as experienced as our top players... hopefully, with the handicaps play becomes rou
  2. hello to all.... we have just finished a 2-year tournament. Fritz (John Helm) is the final winner in tight battle with Pacestick (Peter Zima). Congrats to both. we had 12 players. we have designed a new mod to 'balance' play (called Allies Stronger) ... and have begun play, with hopes to start a new HANDICAP tournament around October (+/-). With the handicap system, even lesser experienced players will be competitive. Hope to have a couple of new players to beat up on this fall!! The mod is NOT avail on Battlefront...but if you would be interested in seeing the rules
  3. okay..... I see all my 'regular' opponents will be on the ladder... so count me in.... looks pretty easy so far!! (just kidding)
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