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  1. hello.... I have been running an AoD tournament the last couple of years. Last time we had 12 players. We have a 'new' modification that we are planning on playing on the next tournament round...starting mid-October 2017. (called "Allies Stronger")... and some of us are playing it now... after a little more play, I will probably be tweaking the victory conditions. If you are interested, I could send the mod file for your review. We will be handicapping play for participants that aren't quite as experienced as our top players... hopefully, with the handicaps play becomes rou
  2. tournament over.... John Helm (Fritz) is the winner .... new tournament with new mod hopefully coming in October-2018... let me know if you want rules and/or info... gkizziah@aol.com
  3. hello to all.... we have just finished a 2-year tournament. Fritz (John Helm) is the final winner in tight battle with Pacestick (Peter Zima). Congrats to both. we had 12 players. we have designed a new mod to 'balance' play (called Allies Stronger) ... and have begun play, with hopes to start a new HANDICAP tournament around October (+/-). With the handicap system, even lesser experienced players will be competitive. Hope to have a couple of new players to beat up on this fall!! The mod is NOT avail on Battlefront...but if you would be interested in seeing the rules
  4. Hello All. the AoD tournament that I started July 2014 is nearing an end... with Peter (pacestick) v Falk (isnogud) for the final. I have a new league that we are trying to form. There is a formula for HANDICAPPING so that players with less experience get some advantages over less-experienced AoD players..... So please join in the fun!!! let me know at gkizziah@aol.com if you want the rules emailed to you. We are planning on starting soon...(Feb 2016).... but will try to let late joiners in... so that we don't let this great game die!!!! ....
  5. The first Bracket of 8 players has already just started!! (These came thru invites). I've decided to try and create another bracket and open up the field a bit... including to newbies... by announcing on the forum! General Info... game is 1939 World@ War Scenario. All matches are mirrored (play both sides against same opponent). Minimum playing pace is 1 turn a day (on just one of the sides you are playing). Tournament is double-elimination. Victory Conditions have been significantly modified for the tournament... space does not allow here to provide. If you are interested, pl
  6. ideas... Fix bug that allows Germany to assign Norways mines to Sweden, even if Allies occupy the mines and are in supply. Agree with Scott on Diplomacy to Majors...maybe double costs or cut effectiveness in half, might be enough. Would like to see surface naval units have a recon mode... if in recon, movement cut if half, but detection of enemy surface ships increased to 3 tiles.... maybe increased to 5-6 tiles if the intel R&D reaches level 1. (seems unrealistic for a naval unit to sit in one position for 4 weeks (one turn), without some sort of recon operations. Airlift opt
  7. okay..... I see all my 'regular' opponents will be on the ladder... so count me in.... looks pretty easy so far!! (just kidding)
  8. hi... okay, agreed that the 'victory cities' from the campaign should be used FIRST. However, there is still the possibility of an Axis-v-Axis Tie...meaning both players would have finished the game with all 6 victory cities in Axis control....so some protocol must be developed for that possibility...meaning adding additional victory objectives. If we are coming up with a victory & tie-breaker formula, it should cover as many possibilities as we can to prevent having to re-think all of this again. So as I suggested previously in the thread... there are 3 possibilities... 1)Both pl
  9. hi guys... agree with analysis regarding allied winning formula... in mirror-match I have going, however, I have captured and hold Moscow (so it is possible)... but not sure it is going to do much good, relative to the game-victory criteria!? ...and holding it will leave Paris more vulnerable! Maybe we shouldn't give away so much info. (PS btw...Pacestick (Peter) has won as AXIS, but he is a superior player, having been playing him a lot in last 2 years, + he won the SC WW1 tournament). So... here is what I am thinking for now.... 1) Since Round-1 is on-going, I don't think we should
  10. What I had recommended to Amadeus was also on the National Morale line.... except using it for a 'tie-break' when, for instance, players decide to go with a mirrored match... and both sides manage a win... now what?... so I was thinking the same thing... they add up their remaining NM at the end of their 2games (or some other point as in Amadeus minimum game point at 105th move)....surrendered nations are given zero with this approach. Highest total wins. Also applicable, I think, in the event that all 3 players in a group of 3 manage to go 1 win & 1 tie...so now a 3-way tie (yikes) .
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