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  1. I have upraded my win 10 and want to re-install the SC games. Does anybody know if the AMD problem is fixed with the new driver version 17.7?
  2. Is there meanwhile a solution for this problem? Is it possible to install the old driver again?
  3. I guess with the new driver the copy protection assumes the game is now on a different computer. It may work if you deinstall the game, then use the cleaning untility from the helpdesk and then install the game again. Maybe the helpdesk has already an easier solution. I moved back to the old driver since I have multiple battlefront games with this problem and did not want to install/clean all of them.
  4. Looking for new matches again. Any challengers are welcome.
  5. Since most of my games are now finished I look for new opponents. Happy to play any side or mirror. I'm quite experienced so beginners may not have much fun, but any challangers are welcome. Please mail to ultima@gno.de
  6. The game with Pacestick is now over. Japan surrendered on 08.09.1946.
  7. One Year later. Allies advances slowly on all fronts:
  8. They conquered all (island) objectives in the Pacific including Hawai. Also China surrendered. So readiness and morale was very high for the Japs, so I needed the best USSR units to stop them.
  9. One year later: UK conquered Sweden with the help of the US and preparing an attack on Denmark. Zhukov successfully defended Stalingrad. Germany had to withdraw to Kharkov Japan could be stopped in Far East after relocating some units from Stalingrad Allies try to stop Japan in India
  10. It escaped from a chinese coastal city early in the game. Here I used it to block the german navy. Usually Germany does not declare war on China, so it cannot be attacked. After China surrendered it became a UK minor. If China would have been still strong I would have taken Norway with it (after destroying the defending units with the UK).
  11. I think one or two tanks have been destroyed in Germays attempt to defend Finland. The others perpare for a strike against Leningrad. Also behind Kharkov more tanks may wait. Maybe Pacestick still remembers this, since they are not visible in this turn.
  12. It's now February 1942. China has surrendered, the US is still at 69%. Norway has been conqued by UK, now preparing an attack on Sweden: Moskow has fallen too, Stalingrad is the last strong defense line led by Zhukov and most of the Russian tanks. Preparing for the awaited jap. attack in Sibiria: Finland still under russian control: Checking the italian defense in Sicilia:
  13. That would have been an interesting option. Sadly China was already near to defeat at this time.
  14. Early Barbarossa with successful attack on Odessa, Kharkov and Rostov. Finland taken by the Red Army after heavy losses on both sides. Fast advances of Japan in China UK invasion of Norway to open a second front for Germany: US mobilization still very low.
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