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  1. I like it but i must enjoy getting slaughtered, I always get beat down in this game
  2. Bowenw, If you mean the Talson Software or Matrix redo then the answer is yes. I'm thrashing a Yank on the field at Praire Grove (which is a scenario of Shiloh) right now. I've been away from the titles for awhile though so I feel fortunate to be winning it. I win as much in those games as I do at SC2 and variants
  3. Howdy all, Like many gamers here I cut my teeth on AH games in the late 70's. I loved the SSI games and eventually stumbled on SC as a downloadable demo and I've been hooked ever since. I live in Floyd County which is in SW Virginia and have been a huge Civil War buff for years having grown up here. I am a prior service Marine and now serve in the VAARNG. I work for the local school system doing computer work and it is really nice since my commute is less than a mile To check out Floyd look up Mabry's Mill or the Blue Ridge Parkway and you'll get a good idea of what it is like aroun
  4. Colin 1, I'm in the beginings of my first game as Allied so I don't have much experience. I'm good for 25-30 turns a month if you want to play. I'm interested in any others that want to play also. taz@swva.net
  5. I have downloaded and installed both the Windows version and the European version of this patch. The games I own are the anthology Edition. Both of these fail to work. The game acts like it is going to run and then it won't find the cd. I have now done two complete uninstalls and reinstalled the program using first one then the other patch. Has anybody else had this problem? how was it resolved? -------------------- Emmette
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