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  1. I have suggested this before. Air attacks or naval attacks should never be able to destroy a ground unit. Reducing the defending unit to 1 point I can see. This would replicate the destruction of material and command and control. Using the tech available in WW2 it was impossible to destroy land units with air or naval gunfire alone. If it were possible there would not have been a flag raising on Iwo Jima or the campaign on Okinawa and nobody would know what happend at Betio. Now this would not solve the problems of Capitals sitting on the coasts but it would prevent air drops taking the Capitals. As far as amphib assaults they are not easy. A simple solution would be that an amphib unit can not advance past the tile it invades until the next turn. Look at what happened on every amphib assault of the war - none of them advanced the equivalent of a tile in the space of a game turn.
  2. I like it but i must enjoy getting slaughtered, I always get beat down in this game
  3. What good are the 3 Allied ASW bombers? You don't seem to be able to search with them - also how do the armored trains work?
  4. Any chance of getting a "hot patch" for this issue? Frustrating to spend 30 minutes on a turn only to see it go away. While I'm on the subject I have a request: Can we get an option that automatically saves the turn while you are working on it? I don't know if it is possible to do this but it would be nice. The whole idea of keeping people honest with the replay counter is nice but in all my years of playing the SC series I've never had a opponent that I haven't trusted. It would be nice to have a feature to turn it off so that an automatic save feature could be added. More of a wish since I know little about coding but I thought I'd chime in with the request. Thanks, I'm loving the new game
  5. It would be nice if we had a prediction of the weather that would be coming in your opponents turn. I would not expect it to be 100% accurate but historically they did have a pretty good idea of when they would have bad weather. Just thought I'd throw the idea into the ring and see what happens.
  6. Hindsight is 20/20 I bet they wish they had. As far as the game goes its 1940 and I'm trying something different than the standard cookie cutter game. Doesn't seem unreasonable to expect something that can't even reinforce itself to full strength to lack the power projection to shut down ports all over the N African coast. So do you like the West Coast better than the Charlotte area?
  7. To my knowledge that is not how things work. Big Al as you already know it is not Malta but the N African ports that is the issue. Just 1 "Malta" effect disables the N African ports for 4 more turns. So you can spend 2 or 3 turns knocking down Malta and taking it and then have another 4 turns before the ports to N Africa are open. If however you can neutralize Malta you could save several turns getting forces into Africa. As far as the argument goes just take it then the same reasoning could be applied to every aspect of the game.
  8. Historically Malta was a thorn in the Axis side. That is except when the Axis made it a point to neutralize it. What I'm proposing for this game or maybe the new ones is that if Malta has its port and supply level reduced to 0 then there should be no chance of the "Malta" effect on the Axis ports. How would Malta have been able to disrupt the Axis shipping with no supplies and no port? I know that historically when the Axis choose to the did eliminate Malta as a threat. There should be that possibility in the game also.
  9. Slightly different topic but related. Why can't Free French forces use upgrades from the US? Historically they were almost exclusively outfitted with US gear. It would make more sense to create and use the Free French forces if this was the case.
  10. Reminds of a different game I once played. I was in playing a buddy in a NCAA football game. I hit his QB as he was throwing. The result: he turned and threw the ball about 50 yards behind the line of scrimmage. I recovered the "fumble" and ran it into the end zone for the winning score!! Boy was my buddy pissed
  11. http://www.armchairgeneral.com/strategic-command-2-gold-strategy-advice-from-brute-force-scenario-writer.htm Thanks for the advice!
  12. If a member from the support staff wants to remote my pc and watch what I'm talking about feel free to contact me and I'll demonstrate.
  13. This is an ongoing issue with the patches. After the patch is installed you have to copy all the files from the newly created directory (which is inside the directory being upgraded) and then paste them into the old directory (the one that has the new directory created in it). After doing this the game will run fine. This has been going on for along time now. I have all the SC series and I can't remember it not happening.
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