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  1. The game Amona-Ludi ended long ago with 1 point victory for Amona (Axis).
  2. A while ago, I reported my game against Ludi1867 as finished with a 1 point victory for me (axis).
  3. With too much free time, I am searching for opponents again. AOD 1.03.1, prefer to play Allies. I am quite experienced, but of only moderate skill. If interested, send your first turn to: kliomene@gmx.de Options: hard builds ON everything else up to you.
  4. In a singler player game of AOD 1939 world at war as Axis, I came upon the following: In May 1942, Allied AI oprated a strat.bomber of US to the US mines on the bottom of the map in the Pacific, and in June bombed the Jap mines there. At this moment the game crashed. I can provide the save game file.
  5. Hi Hubert. Seems I am to stupid to install the hotfix. I followed your instructions, but instead of installing the exe just makes a new folder of AOD inside my AOD installation with the exe. What am I doing wrong? The hotfix is definitly not installed, as I keep getting file read errors from opponnts turns.
  6. Game begun: PGTomli (Axis) - Amona (Allies) now in January 1940.
  7. I experienced the same in a single ladder game. There, supply of AXis units is 0 to 2 and readiness/ morale still over 100. Incidentally, I never experienced this before in any other SC game. Strangely, StratLays and my game are against the same opponent. I dont think it is a balance issue. I think it has to do with fair play. Enough said.
  8. An afterthought on island hopping: Maybe if naval and ambhib supply would somehow be tied to distance from a friendly base. Any thoughts?
  9. 1. Agree with Catacol about Paras and London. 2. I didnt demand to reduce Jap fleet, rather to enlarge US allowable carrier builds. (But not with land attacks by carriers in mind. Actually its quite hard to kill a jap unit with high AD tech in Tokyo or Seoul by carrier air. In my game against Clausewitz, I attacked Tokyo by LAND BASED air from Northern Japan. 3. Regarding Japan, In global Gold the Japs had an alternate capital in OSAKA, and only after that was taken too, the capital tranfered to Seoul, so Japan actually had 3 capitals. Dont know why this feature has been removed in AOD. It would make taking out Japan surely tougher. 4. About Ashes Fall point on island hopping: I DONT know any reason why the US should island hop. This is a weakness of the game, I agree.
  10. I agree with that. For playability, at least one of Tokyo and Seoul should be a bit inland, and Italy definitly needs a second capital.
  11. Hi Hubert, can do this, but are currently busy. Expect turn and instructions within 24 hours.
  12. I have the needed file from the turn before and can just replay it and reproduce the attack on the fighter, if the file is needed.
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