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  1. Big Final Overview: The matches are at turn 80 respectively 90. Steelman seems to make a good job so far. All in all an arm wrestle but still too close to call. All players are still strong. Seems to be the right players in the Final. Maybe we getting some pics later.
  2. Play Offs: Steelman vs. Fritz Steelman is kicking my $%$#... If your other games are finished, I am happy to surrender. It is the summer of 42 and my Russians are getting crushed, he has taken Stalingrad and Moscow and I am on the run. In my Axis game my Germans are still driving on Moscow, and have suffered a humiliating winter counterattack losing the entire Romanian army and supporting units. So I think it is safe to say he will win..I think my Axis have an MPP advantage, but I do not think it will be enough to turn things around quickly, and when/if I do, it will take far longer to
  3. I played Isnogud and Clausewitz. Seems to be the best players indeed. I need a new challenge...
  4. Quick question to the 1 point Axis win: holding 1, 2 or 3 capitals means Berlin PLUS Paris would be enough, correct? Isn't it the same to hold 1 of Berlin, Rome, Tokyo and Seoul PLUS 1 of Paris, Moscow, Delhi, Canberra, Manila, London, Washington or Chungking
  5. I would like to express my sincere appreciation of, and a big thanks to Catacol Highlander for his great work on this AoD Ladder!
  6. I am sorry about my match. Played aggressive as Allie. DOW Denmark which is very very (too) bad for Allies. After DOW on Norway some turns later USA was at 0% War Readiness. Sweden came to Axis and at the beginning of Barbarossa I saw about 70 ground units only for Germany. I usually have 40-50 max at that time. With nearly no income for Allie (US) and this huge German Power I surrender. What I miss in the game is a display that shows the expected effects when DOWing a nation.
  7. You will not have a great advance for Poland on first turn cause you need to take all units for do this. I tend to finish Poland on turn 3 or 4 cause you could easily finish the Low Countries in 1939 too then. Thus I have no problem for Poland on turn 1.
  8. Play Offs: Pacestick vs. Tomi Peter won his Axis game and in the mirror game it its the beginning of 1946 and Tomi hold most of Asia except Australia, Japan conquer Eastern Russia, India, China,Irak, Iran, Syria, Turkey and Baku. But USA and Allies fight ruthless battles in Europe.
  9. Ludi1867?? Is it you? You already reach the Semifinal in the Tournament. You are everything but cannon fodder!
  10. Group F: Gary-vrs-Sandy We are now at turns 124 & 125. Gary hold tournament-victory-conditions on BOTH games: On my Axis game I hold all 6 objectives...none of the 6 primary objectives are under immediate pressure. On my Allies game, I have taken 2 of the primary objectives (Paris & Rome) ITALY, ROMANIA, BULGARIA & HUNGARY have all surrendered....the Sigfreid line is being breached, Brussels and Amsterdam have just been cutoff & surrounded....Russians are pushing hard into a devastated East Front...accordingly Hitler's days are numbered. Annotation from me: Soun
  11. We don't have to discuss that here but Octobre 1940 could lead to an issue. I just write an email to you (tman, llhnickerson and Altaris), to tell me how you are going and what problems may appear in your group matches.
  12. Group E: Some news from Steelman out of Group E. The good is that he is at turn 94 against tman and the match is near to the end. Not that good is that his match vs. Altaris is a bit back as the are in summer 1942 (must be about turn 70/75) what is too slow. Steelman is in good mood to win both matches. Hopefully we will get another short report from llhnickerson cause he do not play steelman. That would complete all matches.
  13. Group F: Some news from Gary out of Group F. Gary is playing 2 mirrors, turn 97 and 107. Very close matches and still open who will win. Thanks for the report. P.S.: I still need some actual informations from bracket E.
  14. That is a big Issue in playing this game. Take the lowerleft pic when I take the russian city in the north of the caspian sea. When marching forward you have to make sure that the units you place are enough to hurting the enemy and you have a HQ-supply. Otherwise, the supply is dropping under 50% and the units are without (or very low) effect. To do this it is important to concentrate on particular targets. Do not share all units to all possible places. "Who defend everything is defending nothing." Especially single air units will suffer more damage than inflict casualties to an enemy when
  15. Report Ultima (Axis) vs. Amadeus (Allies) Right now I have a victory cause Manila is in US hands. The bad news is we played to fast and so I think Ultima will turn the match. The first turns I was very good. The key in favor for Axis was Turkey went to Axis as I take Iraq. Spain is now Axis too. Only Egypt and GB is allied area. Axis seems very strong now. Maybe I was lazy in the mittle (1942) and I underestimate Ultima.
  16. OK, here is my short report: Amadeus (Axis) vs. Teamgene (Allies) Russia is on schedule in 1942, Caucasus is very good (Turkey already overrun), India/China is pretty good so far and Australia soming up. Not sure at all but I hope for a victory
  17. Does this demoralization also works on marine units? That would be very new then.
  18. Sure, but I guess rockets should be available and the research table makes sense. Or there are no rocket weapons available in this campaign then this entry should be disabled by designer. That is possible as I know.
  19. What is the Rocket Technology for. I mean are there any Rockets in this campaign. If not why is there a researching part for the technology. Any thoughts?
  20. Yes, take one unit press shift and click to the destination unit you want to swap the position. Max 1 tile away.
  21. I am searching for an opponent. Mail me here heiko.haupt at versanet.de
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