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BRZ directory list of all moddable files for CMBN


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After getting muddled about what files were in which brz I made a list of all the files in all of the brz files available so far for Battle for Normandy (all patches, all modules). Maybe other people will find this useful if they don't already have something similar.

The list is in the form of an rtf table with columns for BRZ name (as found in the data folder), file name, folder, and file type. This enables sorting by column if you want to, for example, sort wavs from bmps or look at all the soldier bmps available. I have stripped out all non-moddable files from the list to reduce the size of the rtf, but unfortunately uncompressed it is still around 13MB (converted to a Word doc it is about 9MB).

IMPORTANT: to extract the file you will need to follow this procedure (for PC - sorry, I don't know Mac):

*Download all three parts attached to this post

*Put all three parts in the same folder

*Use 'rename' after right-clicking and delete the last '.zip' extension at the end of each file so the files end in .001, .002, and .003, respectively (I had to add the .zip to get around the valid file types for the forum)

*Right-click on the ~zip.001 file and select the extraction for whatever compression software you have. Try 7-zip if it isn't working.

Sorry for the hassle, but I figured doing it this way would make it a more permanent archive than putting it on an external site.

CMBN data brz directory list v100a-211_moddable.zip.003.zip

CMBN data brz directory list v100a-211_moddable.zip.002.zip

CMBN data brz directory list v100a-211_moddable.zip.001.zip

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After going through the list above I found it still too unwieldy so broke it down into more logical pieces: sounds (wavs), text files (txt) and graphics (bmps; organised further into subcategories). These lists include the one new bmp from v212 and after doing a spot check I don't think any of the other brz files had name changes in them.

This post includes lists for:



CMBN data brz directory list v100a-212_sounds.zip

CMBN data brz directory list v100a-212_text.zip

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I'm glad people have found these useful. I just wish I could edit my first post with a highlighted note at the top saying that posts 2-4 contain the more handy files.

I'd be happy to do this for CMFI but don't have Gustave Line yet and given the amount of unplayed content I still have in the CMBN series probably won't be getting it too soon.

If anyone else is interested, I used Karen's Directory Printer ( http://www.karenware.com/powertools/ptdirprn.asp - freeware) to derive text lists of the brz file contents. You can choose what fields you want in this software and as the output is delimited already in some way it is easy to convert into tables.

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I´ve just spent 30 minutes searching for a specific file in the data folders: Copying brz-files, exploding them, sifting through them and then removing them again before repeating the whole process with the next folder.

Then I remembered your list here - and I found it in 30 seconds!

Thanks a lot, man! :)

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