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  1. Thanks Erwin and IanL for your quick responses. Regards
  2. Yes thanks sburke I just rushed back here to apologise for time wasting. I opened the patch onto my desktop and just ran it from there and it must have been picking up other files that were already on the desktop. Thanks for your reply.
  3. As an old CM player who has been away for a while and just purchased CMFB it seems the old ' z ' folder in the data folder for mods is no more? Could someone quickly fill me in on the new method? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have most of the CM games and never seen this message before after installing a patch. I went to the game directory following the path in the message and put a folder named 'mod' in there and reinstalled the patch but no go. Could anyone point out what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  5. Ok Schrullenhaft I'll check that out. Thanks for your reply.
  6. I've been away from the game for a few months so I'm a bit out of touch. Firing up CMFI with Gustav Line ( all patched up ) last night and the first odd thing I noticed was the menu screen was just words, no graphics and then after loading up a map and going to 3D Preview, I find I have no UI graphic just a black bar across the bottom of the screen. I disabled all mods but that didn't work. I'm running Windows 10 but I've had no problems previously and CMBN is working fine on this system.
  7. ...............for CMRT, I might have to postpone buying CMFB if it comes out in the near future and go to the Eastern Front instead!
  8. Get well soon mate and leave those nurses alone!
  9. Great stuff! Thanks for your hard work BarbariCo.
  10. That's great news BarbaricCo. Your Advanced CMFI version is a must have.
  11. ................I dream of the day I will click on 'Battlefront' in my Favourites list and the first screen I see will not say.........'Combat Mission: Black Sea v 1.03 Released'.
  12. No kohlenkau. Beevor is an English author who writes some great stuff. I've got books by him on Stalingrad, Berlin and D Day. http://www.antonybeevor.com/
  13. Great screenies kohlenklau. My son bought me ' Ardennes 1944. Hitlers last gamble' by Antony Beevor for Fathers Day. He keeps asking me if it's any good but I'm saving it for the Bulge game. I'm sure he thinks I don't want to read it.
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