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Westerbouwing heights senario

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I have created most of an historically accurate Senario using the Oosterbeek master map. This battle for the westerbouwing heights has correct forces and plays out like the real battle on sept 21st 1944 in SW Oosterbeek.

I don't know how to import pics for the briefings and have some text but not imported text. How can I put it here so others can add the things I don't know how to do. I'm sure some of you can give this what it needs. It's taken from Middletons book if you want to read what happened. Charlie

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Yep, the link to JonS wonderful thread should help you. Also check out the pdf in the install directory, also by JonS (great document!). If you have photoshop skills you can use the original graphic files provided in the repository. I absolutely suck at Photoshop and I am too lazy to learn, so I just improvise with some DYI :D

And keep at it. Will check it out once published in the repository. Nice to see people using the gorgeous master maps! I have almost finished my second scenario too.

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It is easy mate - you can either grab something from the internet or Google Earth (for maps) and crop it to the required size or take screenshots from the game using a program like Fraps and again crop them. I am no wizard at this and don't have Gucci programs like Photoshop - a lot of my early stuff was done in Paint - now all I do is crop to the required size in Powerpoint, export to Paint and save as a bmp.

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