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CIMIC House Al Amarah 2004

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It will get there. Winter weather might slow the repository down :D

Thanks for the heads up "a lot of play time for this one..." as I am only sticking my head up from a full work schedule for a week or so of Holidays and family then back to work but the nice part of CM is I get to play when I can. Save is my friend.

Combatintman your scenarios are well designed and challenging so coming back ... even a turn every few days is plenty of fun.

BlackMoria, Please post your AARs when you can. It will be interesting and educational to see how quickly you rip through CIMIC House Al Amarah 2004.

Happy Holidays.

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Thanks Combatintman. In satellite country but have the Mac Pro in my kit. Only took 7 minutes to download a 1.6 mb file. I quickly checked CIMIC House Al Amarah 2004 and it loads and random orders worked fine. Good to know with my non standard GPU install. Quick look displays another fine battle ahead. Thank you.

Will be hunting in the woods this next week and work when I return but I will give you feed back along the way when I fire up CIMIC House Al Amarah 2004. I suspect I will need "hints and tips on this one" but will let you know. Thanks again.

so I won't be on

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I finished CIMC House this evening after downloading earlier today.

The map is wonderful and offers lots of avenues to meet your aims through fire and maneuver. It is big and bold in all aspects and I am inspired to try it again to see the other AI plans as well as to explore several other options.

The force mix is not so large that you will be overwhelmed with a huge array of forces to juggle. It is a MOUT fight but not in the classical sense of fighting through block after block of strongpoints and ambush points. The supply/relief force offers lots of avenues for maneuver in vehicles. Surprising, the CIMC House forces have lots of vehicles allowing you the option to bunker down and wait for the relief column, or your can punch out your perimeter as far as you are comfortable and take control of as much real estate as you dare.

I got nothing but praises for the scenario. Normally, with two forces separated in different parts of the map, it can be a real headache to juggle giving orders to both forces and trying to focus on two fights but the AI plan I got allowed to me focus on fighting the battle in both locations without being driven insane with trying to maintain situational awareness in two map locations at the same time.

I played Elite RT. I achieved a British Tactical Victory with about 35-40 minutes left on the clock of a initial 2.5 hours time limit, so there is plenty of time to meet all objectives as long as you are not too cautious with moving the relief force. My plan was to follow the orders as given and the historical route, though I was scratching my head as to why historically, the Brits eschewed a bridge near CIMIC house and close to re-supply by taking the absolute longest way around as was possible, but I didn't read any books about the CIMC House battles so there was probably a reason for it.

The scenario notes states there is three AI plans so I do plan to replay this puppy a few times to see what they are like. I also intend to experiment with other tactical options, which this scenario allows one to explore.

As I stated, my game play was RT Elite setting. I got a British Tactical Victory and given the drubbing I gave the insurgents, I was surprised it wasn't a Total Victory, so I don't know if a Total Victory is possible or not, as I meet all objectives.

Anyhow, here is the Butcher's Bill

My losses - 1 WIA

Insurgent losses - 242 KIA, 114 WIA, 11 MIA

If anyone wants any insights as to how I pulled this off, feel free to ask. I have game saves for every 15 minutes of game play which I intend to do screen shots from (I haven't figured out how to do screen shots yet) to do up a proper AAR if people are interested.

I give this scenario five stars all around, because for me it is a near perfect for force composition and size, for map size and the wide range of options the map provides and for three AI plans.

**Warning** - this is not a spoiler but some critical advice. The Brit vehicles are not well endowed with HE or HEPD like US vehicles are, so ammunition WILL be a factor you need to consider. I achieved all objectives but 75% of my vehicles had exhausted their HE stocks by scenario end. Trying to shoot insurgents out of buildings with AP and vehicle MGs is not suggested due to its ineffectiveness compared to HE rounds. If you haven't played a lot with British forces, you probably aren't aware of this, so you need to pick your fights with care and watch your ammunition usage.

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BlackMoria - all I can say is .... legend. My last test took me about 6 hours to slog through and involved going back to a couple of previous saves. I have always managed to lose at least 2 vehicles and have two immobilised and suffered more casualties (usually about half a dozen). I am astounded that you had so much time to spare at the end as all of my testing has triggered a surrender with anything between 5 minutes on the clock to the last safe moment.

I absolutely concur with your point about ammunition - you have obviously noted that there are no restrictions on firing less the Pink Palace and the bridges preserve objectives but the balance is exactly as you say - with only limited HE/HESH rounds, you really have to choose your battles.

I would certainly be interested to see how you played it - any chance of a PM, I don't need the save games just your scheme of manoeuvre. In return I can talk about the testing and the way my plan evolved as I put this together if you like.

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Sure Combatintman, I can send a PM but it will take a day or two as my household is infested with grandchildren and family.

Erwin: I intend to do up a proper AAR as my post was more of a 'sales pitch' to get people to play this wonderful scenario instead of a more detailed AAR but will give it a few days so people can enjoy the scenario without me being all 'spoiler' about how my game turned out. Stay tuned.

Combatintman: About the comment about vehicle casualties. Incredible luck. One of my tanks was hit about 5 times by RPGs alone and got nothing worst than three or four sub-systems with small green crosses. One of the Warriors was hit three times without anything moving any sub-system out of the green. I don't want to give the impression that I am the Teflon man and AT rounds don't stick to me. More likely the luckiest SOB around... that and the fact that RPGs fired at me rarely get a second shot at me because they are killed or I quickly clear out of the line of fire.

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Sgt Joch - hope you enjoy it, however the bug I noticed with red 'occupy' objectives is present in this scenario so you may win when actually you haven't!!!

Hopefully when this gets fixed I'll be able to make it work properly. WRT CMSF I'll probably hold off on doing more scens until we get the engine upgrades. Having now played with the new map editor elsewhere, I would rather wait to create new maps using the overlay feature, rather than painfully flick from screen to screen and endlessly measuring x and y distances.

As you know I am busy elsewhere right now!!!!

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Ah. Now I understand what you mean...

Although it may not be realistic per the actual RL operation it might have improved the game challenge had Blue had other objectives in the town areas.

Most of the time I only used two platoons from CIMIC - one was in defense with the contractors - and maybe two platoons from the relief force. However, it was enjoyble to have what seemed like a realistically powerful force with reserves to overwhelm the enemy. I agree that the real goal is to accomplish the mission with no casualties.

BTW: Speaking as an fomer DoD Contractor I sorta resented the rating of green as I always thought I wuz elite (relax - am kidding).

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