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  1. Of course, the demo may drop by the end of September. And some people will eat crow. If one must complain, then one can do so 11:59:59 on the 30th. We are not there, yet, gents.
  2. As a ex-artillery officer, here are the principal differences between the types of platforms. Mortars are high angle only and are incapable of direct fire. Given an equal caliber, a mortar will have a higher rate of fire than a howitzer or a field gun. Mortars (except for the very largest) can be broken down and man packed or carried by improvised transport (like the bed of a pickup truck). For getting directly behind tall intervening terrain with fire, they are a preferred weapon. Most effective against infantry, limited effectiveness against vehicles, emplacements and buildings. L
  3. Shock Force was taken off the store as Shock Force 2 is due for release NLT the end of July. Battlefront wanted to avoid potential confusion between the two titles for buyers. I don't know if the original Shock Force will re-release after Shock Force 2 drops or not.
  4. Notice this strange issue several time while playing "Lock Shields" from the Taskforce Spartan Resolve campaign. i am playing real time. I have notice quite a number of times now, when I load from a game save, LOS (using Target) shows as invalid for 10 to 15 seconds once the game loads and the game is unpaused and then returns to normal. Noticed this and tested it further. I moved a vehicle 50 metres away from two vehicles and a infantry squad. There is some brush and trees in the area. The two vehicles and the infantry squad have a valid LOS on the target vehicle. I saved my g
  5. I played Blood in the Streets, the 4th or 5th campaign scenario of Task Force Spartan Resolve the other day. I had one BMP-2 in my force mix at game start. I gave the BMP-2 an armored target arc. It spotted a T-90 at a couple of hundred metres as the tank whipped around the corner of the urban terrain and it did indeed, fire the ATGM and killed the T-90, rather than use the cannon.
  6. 1. Understand your mission objective / win conditions. By that, the briefing will tell you want you need to accomplish. 2. Now, look at the map and identify your objective(s). Now study the map on where to maneuver. Look for covered approachs, areas you can speed across, positions you can support your forces with fire from, places you can place observers. Now make a plan on how you will get from where you are to where you want to go. Now, this is important. Get your camera POV down at ground level and look at the route you are taking. Looking at terrain from pie in the sky POV an
  7. The winner for missile gymnastics goes to the TOW. I have seen some really weird shots in game. Like firing off at a 45 degree angle from launcher to target and doing all sorts of acrobatics to try to get back on target. Which is never does.
  8. What is that line from Babylon 5? Ah,yes..... "The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote."
  9. No. Just No. I am a real time player only. Maybe I will get on board with "WEGO only" the day the micro AI stops doing stupid things with my troops when executing orders but we are not there yet. RT allows me greater fidelity of control over my troops and allows me to intervene in correcting the occasional boner the micro AI tries to pull. So, No.
  10. We all had those "WTF?" moments. Some are comical. Some are rage inducing 'want to punch your fist through the screen of the computer" moments. Let's hear your favorite 'WTF?" moments. This is the most recent one for me. Scenario is First Clash - I am playing blue against the AI. It is 3/4 way through the scenario. For 20 minutes, I am looking at a T-90 with two Bradleys which are in a treeline, but the T-90 is out of range of the TOW-2 according to the Target line of sight. Range is about 3800 m. Which explains why the Bradleys don't fire at the T-90. And the T-90 doesn't appe
  11. Despite doing the third mission - War Angel down twice now, I can't get better than a draw, despite getting all five hide locations, the crash site and all but two of the minor location objectives. In one play through, I even killed all enemy vehicles except one and killed about half of the infantry. My losses were two WIA. I'm confused. It states you rescue War Angel if you get a major victory or higher. What do I have to do to get a major victory?
  12. There were 'bad guys' but they were mostly at the leadership levels. The rank and file soldiers simply tried to get though the war alive and acted to protect their friends, their family and their town or village. A number crossed the line and went from 'defender' to murderer. That happened a lot. The worst duty I had was 'documenting atrocities and war crimes' for the UN. About as ghastly as it can get for me and a real low point in my life. But take this as someone who was boots on the ground for that particular situation. I don't broad brush the Serbian people as a nation of bloody
  13. @Lacroix Maybe trying really reading my earlier post. Like really read it. I didn't 'bare my soul' for the amusement of the pundits following this thread. I acknowledge your pain because I can see it and have seen it over and over through the years until I want to scream. War did something terrible to your country, your family and your friends and, yes ... to you as well. **** happens and the innocent pay the heaviest price for it. Deal with it because there is nothing that you can or will do that will ever set that right. Now really listen to me. Because anger has a wa
  14. Looks like this thread is rapidly swirling down the drain. Perhaps best to shove a plug in. Looks, gents, war is hell. There is nothing glamorous about it. There is nothing moral about it. And it is nothing to celebrate. It is really easy to point fingers at the other side and decry them as murderous bastards, fascists, commie pinkos, the great satan... pick you favorite slur. It changes nothing in the long run. It doesn't bring back the dead. It doesn't comfort or heal the wounded, whether those wounds are physical or psychological. It just leads to another cycle of violen
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