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  1. Of course, the demo may drop by the end of September. And some people will eat crow. If one must complain, then one can do so 11:59:59 on the 30th. We are not there, yet, gents.
  2. As a ex-artillery officer, here are the principal differences between the types of platforms. Mortars are high angle only and are incapable of direct fire. Given an equal caliber, a mortar will have a higher rate of fire than a howitzer or a field gun. Mortars (except for the very largest) can be broken down and man packed or carried by improvised transport (like the bed of a pickup truck). For getting directly behind tall intervening terrain with fire, they are a preferred weapon. Most effective against infantry, limited effectiveness against vehicles, emplacements and buildings. L
  3. Shock Force was taken off the store as Shock Force 2 is due for release NLT the end of July. Battlefront wanted to avoid potential confusion between the two titles for buyers. I don't know if the original Shock Force will re-release after Shock Force 2 drops or not.
  4. What is that line from Babylon 5? Ah,yes..... "The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote."
  5. Finished this one yesterday and I really enjoyed it. The map is really great looking with tons of tactical possibilities for either side. The terrain for this scenario will both be boon and bane for either side. The high ground gives great observation and allows long range fires but usually it is quite open and dangerous moving up to or out of the high ground. The balance of forces is good as is the scenario time. My play through was on Elite Real Time with version 1.01. I played the American forces. My scenario outcome most likely would different with version 1.03 as I would have
  6. Did another pass at this scenario last night. I stayed with my same basic plan that I used for my first scenario. Played out differently (different AI plan I think) but the results nearly the same. I got 1 WIA and 1 aircraft shot down. This time, my Stinger missed when the fast air showed and a munition landed mere metres from one of my vehicles but had no effect other than give a very significant pucker factor to my pixeltruppen. I tucked my vehicles into treelines as the fast air came around. This time, the Stinger downed the attacking air (saw the message, heard the plane g
  7. Wow. I guess I have to re-assessment my no casualty victory for this scenario for an earlier thread in which people were posting their best game. Looks like pulling off a victory for this scenario warrants bragging rights and to do it with no casualties is nothing short of downright amazing. At the time I played it, I didn't think it was markedly hard to win. Sure, it was a very challenging tactical puzzle but it didn't stand out in my mind as 'the scenario to beat' and I found other scenarios equally challenging. All the factors must of played in my favor. Now I feel like the guy
  8. Luck! My stinger team lucked in and downed the fast air on the first pass before it dropped munitions.
  9. Yeah, Imperial Grunt is the villain to send the bill and hate mail to.
  10. Can I assume, Pete, that the observer needs to observe something to trigger the AI behavior to call in an airstrike? As in, if you are not seen by the observer/HQ, there will be no AI action to initiate the air support call? Or can the AI 'go fishing' and put down an area target and hope something stumbles into the net?
  11. Woods will give cover from observation for vehicle from the air but it isn't a sure thing. I have hid from air attack in trees in CMSF with success for the most part but I can't say for sure that the spotting routines haven't changed for CMBS. Llikewise, I have not done any scenario building so I don't know if airstrikes for the AI are event driven or if they are called by observers conditionally based on triggers. Therefore, I can't say what the impact on the airstrike will be if all the observers capable of calling an airstrike are out of the picture. Good questions but I don't h
  12. Ouch! It appears you have the ground battle in hand, it is just the air war part. And with just a single Stinger squad, winning that is literally hit or miss on the fortunes of war. You could revert back to an earlier game save prior to the fast air coming in and see what fortune pitches you for the Stinger team results. Or try again with a new game and assess if it is worth going for every objective or take the minimum objectives for a win and clear off the map before the fast air comes on or gamble on a better outcome with the Stinger team.
  13. I will admit that no small degree of luck allowed me to come through with no casualties. The air attack could have been as bad for me as it was for you but my Stinger team lucked in with a first pass kill. I don't know if the scenario has more than one AI plan but the route along the river was the path of least resistance for my game. My artillery scouring the tree lines may have had something to do with that being a relatively 'safe' route for me.
  14. Sometimes, you have to wait for the assets to come on-line to get the job done and done without getting shot up in the process. That is a lesson some players learn the hard way. I think in many cases, players are too hasty and feel the pressure of the clock and end up 'rushing to disaster'. This scenario is one in which haste will result in dead soldiers.
  15. I completed Objective Delta with no casualties and a Total Victory as the US side. This is a scenario in which you can get much mileage out of the UAV and precision rounds. Send in the attack helos on spotted enemy armor as well. That leaves the infantry to contend with, with their hand held anti - armor weapons. Bahger has the gist of it - eliminate the enemy vehicles before pushing on the objectives. I don't recommend a left side or a down the middle approach because your forces will be shot at from three sides. I took the right side approach, hugging the river (an obstacle to
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