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Looking for a few good battles...

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Right, so some of you (like 1 or 2 of you) might have noticed my late return to the game.

I have been pointed to some great soundmods and some great graphic mod compilations.

But i now face the largest, most dreary drudge of them all.

I have to sort through all the missions released to find the good ones...

Anyone have any advice for me there?

Is there a good scenario download page everyone uses with ratings and such?

Or is it just the repository and greenasjade?

Neither fill my needs for a good ratings system (IMHO).

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This is the best I think there is on scenario ratings:


I don't know whether "A Few Good Men" holds such data becaue I've rarely visited in any case. It might be worth googling it and going for a peek.

What I would add, as my personal opinon, is that ratings don't really count for much in terms of guidance. One man's meat is another's poison and personal preference regarding the type of scenario (campaign), size of scenario, and game mode type shape each individual's experience.

Despite that, there are some scenarios/campaigns that most members would endorse as 'must plays'. If you request some recommendations here. I'm sure members will list the ones they personally recommend.

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Oh im mostly trying to avoid the "oh my god why did anyone think this was a good thing?" type of battles.

I know that most battles and campaigns made by CM fans are pretty well made, but one or two crappy ones might sneak through.

So basically why im looking for ratings isnt to find the "good ones" but to avoid the "bad ones"..

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It's no guarantee, but I'm often guided by the presentation the designer puts into a scenario briefing.

If someone just slaps on a few lines of bland text with no introductory information and no flavor, I have to wonder how much they actually cared about the rest of the scenario design. Errors in spelling and syntax are acceptable (after all, not every CM player is a native English speaker), but the thought put into the briefing can tell you a lot about the designer's dedication.

The look of the map is a similar clue to the care and thought that went into a scenario. A bland, unrealistic map will almost never lead to an interesting and engaging scenario.

With these cues, you can usually at least estimate scenario quality before you process the first turn.

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Did you try the multiplayer already? CM is at it's best when played against human opponents! :)

I recommend you join "The Few Good Men" Wargaming Club community and enjoy many good battles against (more or less) intelligent opponents! :cool:

I play H2H with a friend of mine pretty regularly.

I've had too many bad experiences with people dropping out halfway through a battle without a word in the old CMx1 days so i don't play unless its H2H on the same computer.

Not to mention that i tend to forget what my plan is if i play PBEM (but i guess TCP/IP would work, but i'll keep to local matches with my buddy)

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Well these two campaigns are a must download and play IMO

1. Devils Descent

2. Kampfgruppe Engle

That should keep you busy for a while,,

Single Battles

1. Wittmann's Demise (very large but very good)

2. Hornets Nest (I liked it)

I enjoyed these very much and there are a lot of quality built scenarios in the repository or at GAJ's site. Most are good, a few are marginal and some are exceptional.

However it is ultimately up to you and your preferences. Size, nationalities, historical accuracy yada yada yada.. All of which you know of course since you are CM experienced.

Anyhow try the ones I have mentioned and see. I do not think you will be dissapointed with playing them AI or H2H.

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