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Updated dirty Pz II Lynx


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Just uploaded an updated version of my dirty Pz II Lynx mod. This new mod has been altered to be compatible with the new - and much improved - Lynx model in the 1.11 patch. Visually, it has been my intention to make a mod that goes with Aris´wonderful dirty mods.


Uploaded to the repository

- and to greenasjades great site: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net

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Thanks. That´s high praise, indeed :)


Thanks. In my opinion the Lynx model is hugely improved in the 1.11: Lots of extra stuff like spare tracks on the front and jerry cans in racks on the turret. And as far as I can tell some of the other vehicles have similar improvements.


Actually, I am working on a little Allies vs AI scenario, where the Lynx appears as a guest star. And in fact I had been meaning to ask you if you´d like to play test it? :)

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umlaut: Am delighted to playtest vs AI... Maybe H2H if my arm is twisted (real hard)... :)

Yes, I thought of you, because I seemed to remember that you prefer to play against the AI. I won´t twist your arm sometime soon, though - a H2H version is not on the horizon this year.

Thanks a lot for volunteering - I´ve sent you a PM :)

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