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New file at the Repository: +Rocket Man-CMFI-Translucent Trees Mod V1.1 (2012-08-28)

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First many thanks to @Rocket-Man even if he's been offline for a while. The MOD is a must-have for me. Yeah I know, what is a must-have for one man is a 'no thank you' for another man ;)

I have V1.0 which I found here. But apparently (see the title of this thread) there is a 1.1 version but the link provided by the OP does not work anymore. I googled to no avail.

1) Do you have a link?

2) As I understand, BFC used to host CM MODs since the link posted by the OP points towards the BFC website?


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Hello Vacillator,

Thanks, I've tried and the Translucent Trees 2.0 By Rambler for CMBN is not compatible with CMFI.

Additionally I've found that the Rocket Man-CMFI-Translucent Trees MOD does work only for the CFMI base game. It does not work for the addons Gustav Line and Rome To Victory.

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Yep I started with CMBN and then got CMFI. At this time I'm quite focused on CMFI.

Translucent Trees 2.0 By Rambler works fine for CMBN base game and addons.

Tim, as I understand, a long time ago, MODs used to be hosted by BFC?

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Thanks both!

37 minutes ago, Vacillator said:

Every now and then someone unearths something

Like me 😅

Sometimes in the future maybe I'll investigate on the techniques for translucent trees... to make a MOD. If kohlenklau ever sees this he will jump for joy 😁

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