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  1. Those kids aren't shouldering their weapons correctly, also not impressed by their uniforms. Is there a mod in the works to help fix this?
  2. This after we fix HE and Airburst damage to tank subsystems.
  3. Tortoise and the Hare except they finish at the same time and the hare starts a couple years later. EDIT: I'm checking the forum every minute until then though haha
  4. Speaking on retirement, what will happen to BFC once you and the rest of the crew retire?
  5. Hint at a game that includes the Spanish? Spanish Civil War, or maybe very interestingly, the Ifni War? The Spanish could use some CM love haha.
  6. When you buy it on Steam, both Steam and Slitherine take a cut before it gets to BFC. When you buy direct from BFC there is no cut taken. It's pretty simple.
  7. A lot of us use Combat Mission Helper, currently it's the best way to play the game in my opinion. For those who haven't used it; it will send and insert turns from and into your game files for you via dropbox. You can do PEBMs completely hands off. You simply just have to open the game and click play then it's sent. I hope Slitherines servers work like this. The ease of play and speed of turns going back and forth is a unbelievably huge QOL improvement.
  8. Reminder for everyone to and get their friends to buy CMCW on battlefront.com, BFC gets more of a cut + like stated earlier; day 1 access.
  9. Thank you, as a Fighting 41 I hope I squeeze my way into that testing group! haha
  10. Does that mean we will be able to participate in this testing? As in we I mean the forum member.
  11. Us Fighting 41 should get early access to the game :^)
  12. I hope we get a healthy amount of infantry on infantry combat in CW.
  13. I know APCs and IFVs will play a massive role in this game, and honestly I expect the BMP-1 to outperform the M60A1 in most cases haha. My question was specifically about tanks obviously. Thank you for the super detailed reply. I appreciate it. It's interesting those both forces have a fairly similar composition is terms of ratio. When I play the U.S. I'll definitely be scared of BMP-1s as much as tanks in many cases.
  14. In the typical CMCW scenario, how many squads per one tank is common? From what we've seen so far it seems like vehicles will be playing a massive role in this game, obviously the modern titles work like this too but after the Beta AAR it got me wondering about the average tank to infantry ratio. This probably depends on the Nation/Faction as well. And beyond CMCW, historically what would this ratio look like? Regarding Soviet formations, it seems like a Motorized Rifle Company typically has a platoon of tanks attached to it. If anyone knows anything about this, it would be interesting to know more about.
  15. I mean, if it can be added, it prob should in my opinion. Considering that the design thesis behind CW is for it to be a sandbox, more options to the map makers / players = more goodness in my opinion. If there is still time I recommend rethinking the decision.
  16. Will there be any cactus in the game? If so, will there be Saguaro cacti?
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