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  1. I Just finished reading "die Schlacht im Teutoburger Wald" from Reinhard Wolters. Good factual book. Wolters ist sceptical about Kalkriese beeing the varus Battle place, btw. Don not know if it was translated into english tough. And yes, one should definitely visit the museum in Kalkriese. Was there recently, it is great.
  2. Surprised me as well. NATO forces in europe need more not less conventionell fighting capabilities.
  3. The US forces just have sooo many javelins. This weapon really creates a difference in firepower even amongst the Nato forces.
  4. Does anyone know what happened to these plans?: https://defence-blog.com/army/ukraine-to-buy-10-new-oplot-main-battle-tanks-in-2018.html According to this and wikipedia they should have around 20 BM Oplot. But not really a reliable source.
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