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  1. 8 hours ago, StieliAlpha said:

    Eh, your calculation is wrong. (Sorry, old engineers habit. „First of all, check if the numbers match.“) 🤓

    The area is „D squared x Pi / 4“ or 350x350x3.14/4= 96‘162 m2. With 550 shells, this comes to 0.005 shells/m2. But a square meter is a very  small area.

    Quite a long time ago, we discussed the blast radius of artillery shells in a thread (I think, it was naval gun related). That discussion may give some further info.

    like i said math isnt my forte but i checked i got the same numbers
    my formula is R²x pi or (175 x 175) x 3.14 = 96162.5 / 550 = 174.4

    17 hours ago, Zveroboy1 said:

    This is a modern Russian artillery nomogram :


    Example 3 ( the dashed green line) :

    Determine how many 100mm cannon and the quantity of rounds needed to destroy dug-in personnel and weapons in a 7.2 hectare target area in a 10 minute artillery strike.

    Begin at the "duration of fire" axis and find 10 minutes. From that point, move vertically to the 100mm line in "type of fire". Mark that point. Next, drop down to the "area of destruction" axis and find 7.2 hectare. Move horizontally to the 100mm line in "covered and concealed personnel and weapons". Move vertically and determine where the second point on the "type of fire" line and this line intersect. They intersect at 36 on the "quantity of artillery pieces (mortars)". The green line crossed the "quantity of rounds" axis at 1800. Thus the mission will require 36 100mm cannons and 1800 rounds.

    The Russian Way of War, Lester W. Grau, Charles K. Bartles. Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth, KS.

    as Erwin says, this graphic is fascinating
    by combining the set it will give me a reference
    thanks beaucoup

  2. Well this game is driving me crazy !!!
    after having pushed me to be interested in botany, obliged to use photoshop now I am doing mathematics, a subject that comes out of useful bases interests me as much as the reproduction of the tick on the eastern slopes of the Alps !!!

    So here is my problem:
     I have 550 shells of 105mm 
    I am using a shooting zone, the zone I want to hit is a circle 350m in diameter
    then [(175 x 175) x ft] / 550 = 174.8 m²
    one shell every 13.2 m
    does anyone know the number of shells per x m² for with a good average useful destruction ???

  3. Hoho there will be blood and tears
    like CMBN and CMRT will seem simple to you
    when I started CMI, I felt like I had to learn to play again !!! it's a great game
    Thanks for this post I hesitate to take FB because for some reason I can't explain myself I never had an attraction for this front. but I read here some arguments that will probably push me to a purchase

  4. 21 hours ago, Lucky_Strike said:

    That’s A Mod to Far™️.

    I have absolutely no idea where to start with sound mods, nearest I ever got was adding my own theme music to the old CMBO and BB games. I think you’ll have to try to persuade one of the talented sound artists to make a mod for dickie birds 🐦, or get @Falaise to go out with his portable reel-to-reel to make some recordings in his back garden😉

    we will have to wait until next summer
    but for those who want, I have a well one with bird song, dog bark in the distance and even the sound of a rifle !!!

  5. 1 hour ago, quakerparrot67 said:

    considérant qu'il s'agit de cm normandie, il est plus probable qu'il se trouve dans les hautes herbes avec une collaboratrice horizontale nommée minnette ou quelque chose de similaire.


    à votre santé,



    to find the name of the girl look above the vision slit of the pilot of the panzer IV, she was well known in the german army !!!!! 😉

  6. 8 hours ago, danfrodo said:

    cette panthère a le look embarrassant "juste été sherman-ed". une douzaine + de coups frontaux, dont certains peuvent endommager le canon principal. 

    it actually has more than 20 impacts !!!
    both a stuart and a sherman that he did not manage to spot
    his gun was operational until the end it ended up costing me a sherman just before his destruction

  7. a T 34 in the united kingdom ????
    I didn't remember that it invaded !!!
    a document not usual, seen from the interior of an armored jeep with seen on the assembly of the 30
    the photo was taken on August 12, 44 in Alençon, the soldier is a French from the 2nd AD Leclerc


  8. 34 minutes ago, altipueri said:

    Major German victory with 14 minutes still to go.

    No casualties


    Ok, a couple of restarts but only because my troops disobeyed orders. They will be punished later. :)


    I'd give you a screenshot if I could reduce it to the bizarrely precise limit of 431.17 kB

    using the Vacilllator technique?
    I admit that I once used tank fire on troops who had messed up an operation
    I'm ashamed but there are precedents in the history of France

  9.  the backup of the last game turn
    the location of the pumas at the edge of the map, I only brought them forward at the end and one of the 2 was destroyed, for information the chief's radio having been destroyed I had to keep them unbuttoned to keep the C2


    their hunting board



    infantry guns between the 2 hills


     the pumas arrived as reinforcements placed behind the central hill. this is where I have the heaviest losses


    the Stummels placed behind hidden behind the hedge of the road. I dismantled the officers to facilitate locating of targets



    the result


  10. 47 minutes ago, Vacilllator said:

    I agree, that's what we read in the history books.  Not sure how true it is, but I quite like a cuppa (of tea) in the morning, coffee in the afternoon and something stronger later on 😮.

    Afternoon coffee explains why you need to take something stronger in the evening to sleep!
    you can use this to justify the strongest ...

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