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  1. Many of the scenarios say it in the description. SF2 is a bit worse in that aspect compared to "newer" titles, but generally speaking you can assume that any scenario without any recommendations plays best when being the attacker against AI, and probably plays fine H2H, too.
  2. I'm not sure there's a good "beginner" battle in SF2. You learn by trying, mostly, and there's plenty to try.
  3. Tried the same and everything worked fine. What I suspect is happening is that somehow XMAZ's install is corrupt. If the map changes between him saving the QB and me opening it, there's definitely bits in places they shouldn't be. The disappearance of the tank company also indicates to me that the data in the save file telling what units to load has gone bad.
  4. Either way, the disappearing units were a diminished Guards tank company both times, and I made sure they don't belong to an expansion. Sadly I didn't get screenshots of the setup from either attempt. Currently trying to see what happens if I make the initial file instead. Edit: Also made sure the tank company spawns as normal in a singleplayer QB.
  5. The engineers do have to be on the action square the mines are in, I think. No clue how long they have to stay there. Mark mines lights up only when there's detected mines to mark. Once mines are marked it's easier for infantry to pass through. No opinion on the last two.
  6. I'd be up for Breaking the Bank, either side. Got another slow-going PBEM of the demo in progress so I have to keep it on my PC anyway.
  7. Pathfinding in general is pretty wonky. Not sure if it's an issue exclusive to SF2 or if the heavily urban nature of it just amplifies things. Case in point, below is a squad ordered to run into the building next to them, and what they ended up doing.
  8. Alright, yeah, the issue is how you described, and telling an unbuttoned vehicle to fire works normally. It's a bit confusing since the gun is manned by passengers.
  9. Like I said, this became apparent in Canadian Club, with the G-Wagon, though I've seen the HMG equipped MTVRs behave the same.
  10. Hate to be pointing out bugs right on release day, but someone's gotta start it I guess. Can't confirm that the problems are universal, but a few things became obvious after trying Canadian Club for the first time. 1) Selecting multiple armored cars and telling them to open up results in only one of them doing so, but the open up button lights up for everyone regardless. 2) They completely ignore all target commands. Both of these are pretty easy to test for yourselves. 3) One of the cars got stuck doing the moving sound when standing still, but that's harder to reprod
  11. Excellent work! Now, which way to the bug report thread? I managed to stumble upon three on the first go. 😅
  12. It's under controls in the options. The functional difference between default is that the camera turns by holding down the left mouse button, and holding down the other does nothing anymore. Also the WSAD keys seem to turn the camera in a random direction in addition to moving it around. It's probably just broken but nobody's ever bothered checking.
  13. Another minor hiccup in The Passage at Wilcox: In the U.S. briefing, what was originally under the "Commander's Intent" header is now under "Enemy Forces," and the Situation text is largely a description of suspected enemy positions.
  14. So, as someone who didn't play SF1, was the air support button always a bit off like this? It also doesn't seem to light up when there's air support available.
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