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Found 10 results

  1. Testing out a new system I learned about an issue with Combat Mission and Windows Scaling feature. Scaling is very common on smaller devices, especially ones with higher resolutions to provide an improved DPI experience. However when scaling is enabled you get this cryptic message: "Could not initialize graphics display. REQUIRED: 1024 x 768, 32-bit color." Turning the scaling to 100% does resolve the issue but this is a pain for anyone who wants to PBEM and open and close CM frequently. Maybe something engine v5 can resolve
  2. Just happened to notice this out of the corner of my eye so to speak. Was testing some of my mods and textures when I spotted a floating section of bocage, which I presumed was a bugged-out mod. The map I was using was a custom map with just samples of all the tall bocage shapes, so the floaters are much more noticeable. It is probably harder to spot in a normal scenario/map. I uninstalled all my mods, absolutely vanilla install on Mac, latest game engine version. I made a new test map with just a few lines of straight bocage on a ridge so that daylight would be visible under the bocage instead of the usual earth banks, it only seems to affect straight bocage so far as I've seen: Fairly clear gap under bocage when map first loads ... ... zoom in a bit, still there ... ... zoom in another notch, starts to flicker in and out, we're probably about 30 seconds after game opening here ... ... finally settles and stays attached to the ground. Time for this to happen can depend on how much one zooms or moves towards the bocage, so I'm guessing this is maybe a LOD issues of some sort, but it's very repeatable, at least for me. Not a biggie, but hopefully a simple fix.
  3. Hi! I'm enjoying my time with Fire and Rubble so far, the first campaign I decided to dig into was 'To Berlin'. While playing the first mission of the campaign, I realized that after my first T-34 crossed the river at the player's starting side of the map, that my remaining T-34's wouldn't cross the bridge despite a full roaring engine. What I saw instead was that upon moving from the second to the third 'square' of bridge, out of a total of about 6, the leading T-34 out of the two still on the bridge, would be teleported back to the beginning of the square. This is naturally quite a hassle as I wanted those extra T-34s to assist the platoon assigned to clearing Wieniec (or whatever that starting city was called). I didn't try to move any other vehicle like my M4A2's or my BA64's or the Jeep across since I was expecting the same reaction. Also, in order to not create another thread, I will note that T-34 road wheels seem to pull a road runner when you're not very close to them which is a bit comedic but also chaotic and most definitely unintended, even if T-34 engineering was sometimes not entirely professional
  4. I apologize if this has been recognized´╝îI only have steam version of CM:BS and CM:SF2, one of my friend told me this issue who has both version . I confirm it with many other freinds who have the same issue. is there any solution to fix it . thx
  5. I'm playing a scenario called UK Armored Assault. CMSF 2.03. I discovered a very strange tank path finding problem. The path I plotted told tanks to drive near the canal edge, to same direction as the canal goes. This is shown in the picture as blue line. What happened was that tanks drove down to canal and got stuck. Currently one is immobilized and the other is just temporarily bogged. So the weird thing is: my order was not to cross the canal, but just drive along it. And these 2 tanks decided to drive to the worst possible place and now I'm about to lose them because of this bug. Any ideas? To see if this really is a reproducable bug I made a test version of this scenario. Removed all red units and placed 3 tanks near this bridge shown in the screenshot. That way I can quickly test tank movement near the canal. And it works just the same way. If a tank is ordered to drive on the right side of the canal, cross the road and then continue forward near the canal, it refuses to cross the road and drives down to canal and tries to drive below the bridge. I tested this with 2 tanks and they both did it the same way. The forum software does not allow me to attach the test scenario here, (1.74MB limit and the file is close to 3MB), but I can send the scenario for developers if they think it helps debugging.
  6. Have reported this before, but this wasn't patched in the recent patch: The Syrian BRDM-2 (AT-3) has six missiles racked, and can therefore correctly fire six missiles before reloading. The BRDM-2 (AT-5) has five missiles racked, and can fire... six missiles before reloading. No idea where the other one comes from. That's clearly not intended behaviour. The equivalent vehicles in CMBS do not display this discrepancy - the five-shot BRDM can only fire five shots before reloads.
  7. This bug has been hanging around for a long time - has it been logged? Conducting indirect fire missions from on-map assets (only guns of various sizes, not mortars), rate of fire is extremely slow, but accuracy is extremely high. All weapons fire with the same slow speed and high accuracy, from 75mm German guns to big 150mm howitzers. I know @RockinHarry also noticed this issue previously.
  8. Hello, I think this is related to a previous report - namely soldiers running to the wrong side of cover when engaged with Direct Fire. Ive seen it in two differant CMBN games. Both sides as the Brits (though I think it may be happening to my opponents as well - though not sure) I know previously their where issues with Mtr / Artillery fire but this seems to be with direct fire and bocage / hedgerows. If a gap is near by in the hedge row - if they receive a burst of MG fire their suppression seems to go up to full (seemingly on the first burst regardless if they take casualties) and then they start running to the enemy side of the hedge - where typically they are then cut down. Its totally crazy behavior that makes no sense at all. This is happening with the latest .02 patch as well. Cheers Gary
  9. In a scenario I'm building, I have deployed 4 on-map infantry guns. They all have green dots in all levels of C2 up to Battalion commander. However, when I choose any distant HQ and try to plot a fire mission, I get "out of contact" for the 4 guns. Even when I select the Battalion commander himself.
  10. This is from a FB H2H game with latest engine. I was in the process of deploying an AT gun on the edge of a forest. They had moved along for a while to find a good spot to set up. I then noticed (too late) that the gunner with the gun has started moving in an entirely different direction and is hopelessly in the wrong position. As the crew can only move "normal" it will be difficult to rejoint the gun, if even possible. I have seen this from time to time. I have a save if anyone wants to have a look at it.
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