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  1. you found M43 caps? can we have troops wear them?
  2. what are the requirements for white-washed vehicles, i can't find the info in the F&R manual..
  3. I don't even understand the term CM3 As I see it. There won't be a CM3 just an upgrade of the current engine etc. Which is good. I've never even seen a official mention of it
  4. Was there still some additional bits for CMFI or is that done? And I hope the final blitzkrieg module will include British.
  5. it would work better i think if it were just a big hard building with few windows, however, you then couldnt add the towed weapons etc
  6. thats interesting insight, thanks for sharing, do you think its related to the subject matter it covers or the amount of extra content for the title? regards bubba
  7. Don't change your ways, lol I mean hell yeah I guess we'd all like a title / add on quicker. But I love the way you guys have stuck with these titles offering us upgrades. Fantastic way to keep game fresh and playable
  8. That's really cool umlaut. Great try. But I was thinking more of a active transfer, like once the unit is hit. And only when it brews up, it could change the skin to show blackening around the hatches and entry hole of the hit. Would be really nice affect if able to be done.
  9. with recently purchasing CMFB, its awesome and nice to see the winter textures for the tanks again..since CMX1 days, I have been with the series the whole time and remember when the flaming vehicles did not extinguish...I do like that they do extinguish themselves after a allotted time but I feel adding a burnt out skin would add so much to the immersion and atmosphere to the game.... is this possible for future improvements? is it as easy as say winter textures? Bubba @BFCElvis would be interested to hear the teams thoughts, has anyone thought of this before????
  10. its awesome. even tho its different fronts. it totally gives a slight feel of the enhancements that fire & rubble will bring to Red thunder.. and thanks for your help and input Elvis! top man. Bubba
  11. ok, ignore me for this issue lol.... I've only recently purchased CMFB, my game is already up to date with v2.03, now just checking, I don't need the previous patches as I've already got the most up to date version right? (the patch read me in install folder only show v2.03, and not v2.01 + v2.02)
  12. sorry, was refering to what a few have mentioned previously, i may be bit late to party lol... missing FO and so so, has the new 4.03 patch been rectified to show all now?
  13. @BFCElvis. Hi Elvis, mate are these missing TOE items deliberate or a bug and are they on the radar to be fixed? or? stop playing red thunder , its not fair! lol...:-D Bubba
  14. can you not issue a pause order to the vehicle at a certain waypoint and then issue the troops to disembark at that point?
  15. thank you for the update Elvis., always appreciate the insight..
  16. ive moved on for modern shooters to squad, the level of realism is so great. such a hardcore milsim of a game..
  17. Arma 3 is ok, once you see how the A.I is its not much better than the original op flashpoint.
  18. is good film, depending if you know exact version you refer to, as there is like 2, or possibly 3 films under similar/same name. one has a panther tank in, unsure if it was a real one, it looked like it..
  19. Just would prefer the sound to be deeper than normal as you can hear in some points in vid
  20. YO , has anyone done or know of a nice deep MG42/34 sound? the HQS3.3 are ok, and even the ones with the shell brass ejection are good, but i'd think it be better being deeper in its tone.. INIT! Bubba
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