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  1. no , I'm in a red star a blazing mission...its one of those proximity ones, when I'm close some tanks loose their white tracks, when I'm away, all tanks have white tracks
  2. Hi Thomm. Have you tried the NVIDIA graphics panel? (Right click on desktop) should see an option. And you can set personal preferences for combat mission. For me it made a HUGE difference with how the game looked and ran. And even tho there are still odd behaviours with shadows. I find it alot better. Will be happy to send my settings via discord Bubba
  3. It's just his box of MRE's lol... I remember as a kid you could buy these in the commissary on base ..lol
  4. Was playing a mission other night, ground setting was snow. And the vehicles were NOT whitewashed which is ok, however I noticed some of the treads on some of the t34 were not snow clogged. Same with the nashorn... Didn't know if this was a bug or something ??? Any ideas? Bubba
  5. It is actually a great movie. A few odd scenes etc. But the action is great.
  6. i've had some huge battles in CMBN. it obviously affects performance but not to where i would be disappointed.
  7. pittyful excuse lol..... its only old in the sense it was the first title in the cm2 ww2 series to be made.
  8. and yes, in my years of gaming, AMD suck, there drivers just aren't as wide supporting or as stable in my experience..
  9. if you use the advanced feature and define your graphics settings from the nvidia panel, makes a huge difference.
  10. i had this the other night with the last tiger in berlin mission, just save and reload from save fixed it.
  11. I've only just noticed they have'nt included the airborne forces. must have saved them for some module...lol
  12. xbox dashboard for me, via pc, works amazingly well and simple
  13. that is true, saw it on this forum somewhere, sounds promising.
  14. This is not so true in these day and age, at least if you wish to game sometime soon, GPU and the like are in mass shortage. and then IF you find any, even older models. they are usually marked up stupidly due to the shortage. so i think if you A) don't want a delay...B) and want key components of your choice, pre build is awesome for everyone now as they keep the price fair and aren't marking up the cards at all..
  15. try and get a RTX3080 GPU if you can, i also hear amd and ryzen are ahead of the game in terms of processor power
  16. sorry wasn't the G, but D late..... not always present as the stowage seems to be randomed everytime you load a scenario, also noticed a wire? or cable coiled up by the bucket on the back, which is black with no textures..
  17. i just seen one, panther ausf g with black textured treads , the stowage item ones.
  18. shame he's stopped supporting such an awesome mod, must be one of the absolute must haves, and thank you for doing your part...awesome stuff
  19. lol Ive played mission Arbeitslager and it seemed close to autumn
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