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  1. i would like to see the stug iv added eventually.
  2. yeah same, ? odd is that officially? so it was a bug? only good bug is a dead one lol
  3. it is kinda silly considering the SS were given priority when outfitting units, especially newly formed units destined for immediate deployment. plus, its only a weapon as such, and were deployed through out all the forces, unlike some vehicles etc. really surprised this is this way.
  4. UPDATE, tonight i reloaded my save at the end of previous mission, went through and deployed only a few arty missions and movements and it worked... woo hoo.... lol
  5. yeah i've been playing this campaign for awhile now, and decided to come back to it, bit way into it now, (second assault on village) every other mission has been fine... i don't bother with arcs etc, in pre planning, did a save once i did all my moves and issuing of artillery, and doing nothing. the nothing step worked and the pre planning didn't , i shall try to just issue moves and leave the artillery out... my spec intel core i7 8700k @ 4300mhz oc 32GB RAM DDR4 NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080 SSD
  6. i would assume something along those lines also.... would be interesting to know, thanks for reply buddy! @BFCElvis Bubba
  7. I don't understand why every vehicle isn't available as a single vehicle option. surely it can't be hard to list...??? the manual doesn't list any details on when or how to purchase said vehicle is this something we could look at fixing for future updates @BFCElvis is it as easy as it sounds? lol
  8. i liked it, atmosphere was good.. only thing i got annoyed at was the pak, positioned to the right of the Reichstag, couldn't see over the little walls and was completely useless...lol... and yeah the games do have some limitations but all n all i thought it was a fair representation...the Combat mission engine has always been bit limited...my only complaint was that the object could've been bit taller lol
  9. I can't recall where i got this, but is it planned with engine 5 upgrade for some performance improvements? or was that just my mind working against it self lol....
  10. i think this is more a generic issue/bug with all titles as i get it on normandy alot...
  11. i think what hes wishing for is it without the PBEM system. which i agree is a dated and fussy system to set up
  12. are the skins modded ? looks superb..
  13. unless they update it for new buyers and leave the patch up aswell...glad you got it sorted.
  14. no its additional after fire and rubble was released. just look under patches section via fire and rubble
  15. you may still need the patch..which was recently released.
  16. awesome, cheers dave. glad to have helped a little...
  17. yeah... but i've noticed the textures will swap depending how close you are...
  18. here's my settings. unsure if this will be readable, if not we will have to look at something else.
  19. use to be some website years back where you could add so many affects to any picture or document you uploaded, can't recall the name but sadly it had to shut down. was so so easy to do, i did some paper work documenting a u boat campaign i was playing once, it was so easy, just up load any picture and insert and place, boom...with all the cool affects etc you'd want..
  20. Excellent!!!! glad to have helped buddy! GOOD HUNTING!!
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