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  1. I Didn't see this, am having issue...via mission Lemon hill.... the icons are showing as default for all the Italian armoured cars etc, but the infantry are showing the mod. excellent mod by the way, Bubba
  2. Hi all, was playing a mission the other day, with FI, with all modules in. Lemon hill was the mission. and I've got Lt.smash excellent crystal icon mod and i noticed the armoured cars in that mission show the default icons??? didn't know if anyone knew and/or if their is a fix or solution... many thanks Bubba
  3. cheers for input all, i was just trying to add a abandoned vehicle to a already made mission is all, was disappointed that you can't turn the turret etc, for prime positioning..
  4. Hi all, little lost on this one, wanted to add a abandoned (dismounted) tank to my mission. and it wouldn't appear when deploying axis forces? it would if i selected it as destroyed, but i just wanted it dismounted...any ideas? Bubba
  5. NVA? you mean north Vietnamese army? Lol, am sure of they added them it wouldn't be with the Germans but us. If you meant that. But if not than o ain't got a scooby
  6. If anyone plays team Yankee by the other battlefront. One can see easily what the next modules will contain which is cool... I would like to see the winter creep in for the title.
  7. genuine question here, if we pre order, i saw something about a steam key being sent etc, what if we'd prefer not to have steam key?
  8. LMAO, quality some body gag that man quick....
  9. you need to watch the documentary someone shared, lol they had planned to nuke alot of city's in the first wave, and strike deep within Germany within the first week, and then within 2 weeks have continued that push through France all the way down to the southern border with Spain, also another front was planned after nuking parts of checoslovaquia, even tho it was a neutral state with the war and push up from there also... it truly was a bit of a misguided and over ambitious plan..
  10. in alot places I wouldn't have thought it was doctrine but it still happened, tbh I don't think it will happen thinking of it, especially in cold war, it was a new way of war and the bmp was designed to be fast, mobile and amphibious and was also able to let troops shoot from inside the vehicle compartment. but still. would be kinda cool..
  11. Man. I can see the game being the corn bread to a nutritious breakfast. they can do alot with it..
  12. do we have to ask if we are going to be able to mount troops on tanks and bmps? , you know if feels right..
  13. wha? no pictures for us uneducated ones? lmao...who the hell he think he is, lol (joking) good read..can't wait for more.
  14. I LOVE THIS ERA, pretty much my childhood..as my father was in USAF, constantly saw him in the BDU...looking lovely, can even notice the alice web gear, Question tho, will we see some amaerican troops using the M56 Webbing?
  15. its great to see another promo video, always thought the series as a whole could've used alot more videos promo-fo-cation during the releases. lol
  16. Of course! and i still missed it! i'm such a twat! lmao...too hyped...
  17. And don't forget Thatcher! Caaaww...lol
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