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  1. I recall in the Scottish corridor campaign taking out a bunker with direct fire from a Piat.... that was with the latest version 3.11.... Also in the Same campaign I'm sure I remember a 95mm gunned Churchill tank destroying a wooden bunker with direct fire and kiling all the occupants, again that was with v3.11.
  2. Cool thanks:-) One more question.. I notice there are mods that that come with the campaign, I have put the mod files in my RT mod folder, is that correct?
  3. Just loaded cross of iron up, impressive stuff, well done, looking forward to playing through it :-) Just to make sure, is the link at the start of this for the latest version? Thanks
  4. Are you running any sound mods? I found that with the 5.1 sound mod the first time a sound was used, especially arty, there was a very small pause in the game.... BTW the first mission in the German campaign is slow on my PC as well, I think its a bit of a system hogger :-)
  5. I found that the vsync settings of adaptive and then half refresh rate worked wonders for my FPS...
  6. I am a bit OCD in real life, silly things like making sure the TV volume is on an even number and not an odd one... Last night I was playing the red hordes scenario in red thunder, I had a AT gun in the village nearest the river in a position to fire into the flank of any T-34 coming up the road, but before they could get any shots off all but 2 of the crew where killed by a Soviet smg squad... A minute or two later the remaining crew recovered and on there own killed 4 T-34s.. I think this kind of situation is what makes CM special, through chaos , misfortune and heroism a realistic na
  7. I only reload if I forgot to give an intended order I meant to give during the orders phase(which is rare). Other than that no, painful(deadly) tactical lessons are the best lessons, not sure my poor troops would agree though
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