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  1. Hi guys, would you say the vulnerability bug effects all vehicles or just the HMMWV? I am playing through the Russian campaign I am wondering if the tiger gunners are affected also, although I know the tiger gunner has no where near the amount of protection the HMMWV gunner has... Thanks
  2. Thanks, just in time for the bank holiday weekend here in the UK :-)
  3. +1 I was wandering the same thing, I am holding off on the campaigns until the patch is out
  4. I guess we wait for the word from up high then :-)
  5. Any chance of the new 1.03 patch In time for the weekend? How goes the testing :-)
  6. Thanks for the update Chris, I am crossing my fingers that the testing phase will be trouble free :-)
  7. The only time have seen that happen is when I had the FXAA turned on in the Nvidia control panel, have you enabled it in yours? If yes try switching it off to see if it fixes the issue...
  8. Yes its kind of like a bad doctor joke... "doctor my arm hurts when I do this with it" Doctor replies "don't do that with your arm then" Man am I looking forward to this patch :-)
  9. Don't press the button then I Have found that in CMBN if I accidentally click the mouse before the battlefront splash Window appears the screen goes white and windows asks me if i want to terminate the program or wait for it to respond, If I click wait the game loads fine.... thats the only similar situation I have had with CM games.. Thats with Windows 7 64bit
  10. I am crossing my fingers that there are no new problems
  11. Thanks... really looking forward to this patch to start the campaigns
  12. Hi there, I had the same problem, the problem with your internet provider, I'm with talk talk... The only thing that worked me was to power off my router for 5 seconds, after that I wad able together anti the BF website :-)
  13. +1 thanks for the great mod, I'm playing through the CW German campaign it really adds to the immersion :-)
  14. I have a lowly gt740 2GB and get good performance, the 2 things that helped me where setting the v-sync option in the nvidia control panel to adaptive(half refresh rate) and never setting the game detail option above improved..
  15. Obviously the MGs on the tanks are not enough to suppress the mg42 team behind the bocage, wether its because of the cover or the mg42 teams level of experience and high morale.... or a combination of both. To me, if small arms fail to make the enemy run or become suppressed enough, its time to break out the big guns....bocage is thick stuff...
  16. Hi there, have you tried turning your antivirus off during installation?
  17. I always try to the use the main tank cannon on mg42s until they are dead or totally routed/broken... The mg42 is a scary weapon and should be feared, I think the game feels right MG wise for all sides.
  18. What cover is the MG42 behind? Also what was the experience lvl of the MG42 team?
  19. Yep I am with talk talk, I will try and restart the modem, thanks
  20. Hi there, for some reason I can get in to the main battlefront website, I have tried on my tablet and PC, the connection just keeps timing out Is there anybody who has had this problem before? Thanks
  21. But there is no red sign until a mine is triggered or the engineers find the minefield....I think :-)
  22. Hi RM its in the repository, the link is below :-) http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1456
  23. Hi there, I had no idea there where so many campaigns, where are the user made ones you have listed, in the repository? Thanks
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