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  1. I believe I have seen it in CMRT and CMFI, only very occasionally, I didn't know what to think of it, like you when tell them to fire they start returning fire no problem... Weird....
  2. After thinking this through, my thoughts are... The AT-14 operator would see the vehicles hidden by the smoke using the IR sight, he would then designate them, yes the beam would not penetrate the smoke but because the missile looks back towards the launcher for guidance he can still designate the smoke between him and the vehicle, so unless the target is jinking an swerving like mad its still very probable that it is gonna get hit...
  3. I know this is an old thread and BF are working hard to fix the suicidal evade bug, but I'm wondering if anybody has seen it in RT or FI? Thanks in advance 😎
  4. Before I buy anymore modules I would like to see the wierd infantry evasion bug/behavior fixed... It's a real game wrecker for me, I have stopped playing because of it 😞
  5. Yeah Ive hit it to, in fact I think its worse, I started a new game, the first mission in the Scottish corridor campaign... I have 2 British squads running through a short hedge evading towards the German fire and side of the map... I would upload a save but the limit on the forum is a bit small...
  6. I have not had a chance to install and play, it that with a new game started with the new patch? Cheers
  7. For me there is definitely a problem in CMBN, I have seen infantry run through gaps in bocage towards MG fire and get wiped out... So I have stopped playing it.. But I have not come across the same problem in CMRT and CMFI, and I have played them quite a lot since the patches...
  8. I have seen this behavior once in CMRT, I had a halftrack firing at a house, some Russian infantry ran out and away from the halftrack, so the halftrack shifted fire to where they where and they ran back towards the house and halftrack.. IMHO this is not a bug but just panicky behavior, all the other times I have seen infantry retreat in game they have retreated away from fire and towards there side of the map....
  9. I believe have noticed some odd evade behavior since the last patch, I had a group of German half-tracks firing at a house, some Russian troops run out of the house and start running away from the German MG fire... everything ok so far... Except when the the MG42 in the half track fires at the Russian squad after they are a bit away from the house, they change direction away from the MG42 fire impact point and back towards the half-tracks instead of running away... I will try and get a save if needed... So my question is, is this WAD? EDIT on second thoughts running
  10. I stillI haven't noticed it in CMRT or CMBS.... I was playing BS last night and I had one US army scout section do the right thing, they where in the second floor of a building, they came under intense fire so they went down to the first floor out of harm's way, I though that was cool and was happy with that... Also I noticed one of my strykers came under RPG fire so it popped some smoke and retreated away from the firing unit, which I also thought was cool... I've played alot of RT since the patch release, I didn't see this kind of behavior once... All the units I've seen retreating
  11. I have seen this also, fresh install of CMBN v 4 then 4.01 patch installed, I had started a new campaign, the Scottish corridor one, my infantry fired on some German troops, they then ran out in front of the hedge they where hiding behind towards my troops and into an open field, where they were mowed down.... It feels like something is still not right with the 4.01 patch...
  12. Hi there, I want to purchase Final Blitzkreig but no matter what I try I cant get the main site to load, I am a talktalk customer and have had problems like this in the past but usually if I restart my router it lets me connect, but this time I cant get on no matter what I try, has anybody got any other ideas, your help would greatly appreciated.. Thanks
  13. Cool thanks, the next mission is working OK, in fact I am getting my arse kicked :-)
  14. dragonwynn, I think there is a problem with the AI triggers in the link up at Kopys scenario, the red tanks appeared at the tree line and then didint move for the whole scenario, some red infantry did attack but got massacred due to the lack of armored support... Possible spoiler alert!!!!! I have attached a screen from the review map at the end of the scenario...
  15. Thanks :-) Slight spoiler alert I made my choice, a moral dilemma indeed... Again great campaign...
  16. Dragonwynn are you planning redux of this campaign based on player feedback? Cheers :-)
  17. Spoiler alert.... Managed to beat the 2nd mission, I didn't hold the aid station but stopped the Soviet tanks and infantry before they managed to get near the wounded exit point, a defense in depth with panzerschrecks and fausts spaced at intervals down the various approach roads, they thinned out the t-34s and the 2 tigers I had left over from the 1st mission destroyed the ones that made it across the stream... Thank you for this campaign dragonwrynn, it really is awesome, I have a choice to make now Here are the end of game stats... again click on the image fo
  18. Started the 2nd mission last night, the Soviets love there artillery don't they :-) This is are a really good campaign so far dragonwynn, I have 2 questions... Small spoiler alert for 2nd mission.... Do your tigers ever get replaced or get there ammo replenished? I know I'm grasping at straws here In 2nd mission the brief is a tad vague about the objectives, I get the hold treatment station one, the exit one puzzles me, do I have to move the trucks to the exit objective? Thanks
  19. For some reason, I have accidentally quit out of the thread twice after uploading a number of pics Grrr PC rage Now its telling me I cant upload any more screens as they are now to big, they are well under the file size limit, is there a daily limit to how much you can upload? Here are the after action stats, at least I managed to upload that... click on the pic for a bigger image... I will try and get the hang of FRAPS and the battlefront upload editor and post the rest of the pics tomorrow...Cheers
  20. I am having trouble finding a screen image grabber, I have a free one but it is only giving me black screens for some reason, can anybody recommend one that works with CMRT? Cheers
  21. Although Hister don't get to excited, I only have 2 tigers left so I dont know how I will fare in the campaign as a whole, but the deployment around the buildings shows promise, maybe if they where slightly better positioned I could have had around 5 left... like a said I will post some pics later :-) I have time for a p.s(on break) Around half of the infantry survived, the AT gun on the left took out quite a few t34s and didn't have any casualties, the panzershrecks did some good work also...
  22. Hi Histor, I am at work at the moment, will post a short AAR later with a few pics, luckily I am a bit OCD about saving so I have over 20 saves I can go back to, I will screen capture a few just to give a basic outline of my deployment and on how the battle progressed :-)
  23. My tactics worked, took heavy losses but held the red hordes back, destroyed most of the red tanks and got a major victory in mission 1 :-)
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