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  1. I started the redux version of COI last night, wow the first mission is hard, very good though... I have had a rethink on tactics and am trying again tonight, I 'm going to try and build my defence around the small village, using the buildings to cover the flanks of the tigers as much as possible.... wish me luck, im going to need it :-) I have one question, what do you guys do with the poor infantry? Do you hide them in your trenches and hope for the best, or rush them back and away from the arty? Very good mission and I'm sure campaign, thanks :-)
  2. Its your anti virus, :-) Disable it when you are installing, then add every SF exe and the SF game folder as exceptions before enabling again..
  3. Yes back on track, there is no better tactical battle simulated than CM As for vehicle pathing, I make sure to manipulate my paths\movement so they are spaced apart enough so that no foul ups or tangles occur, its not that hard... also if you click the movement order and hover the cursor over the terrain you want to move over, the cursor turns red when it is over impassable terrain for the unit selected.. As for laser warning, I prefer the pop smoke and reverse action rather than just stay there and be killed.. in fact nidan1 I was playing last night and when I issued a fast movement orde
  4. Yes back on track, there is no better tactical battle simulated than CM As for pathing, I make sure to manipulate my paths\movement so they are spaced apart enough so that there are no fill ups or tangles occur, its not that hard :-) As for laser warning, I prefer the pop smoke and reverse action rather than just stay there and be killed.... EDIT ignore this post, wads meant for another thread Doh!! :-)
  5. Hey different games for different people :-) I played quake on a Pentium 75MHz, I think I was because it was the first fully 3d shooter(being able to look up and down), it was on my dads PC, in the mid 90's it cost him over a thousand pounds for it.... Yes Longbow 2 was special, I wish somebody would make an updated version of it.. I think Elite was the my favorite game on the spectrum in the 80's, ah the memories :-)
  6. I have just turned forty... And I agree sburke, I was playing rollin the river last night and there were quite a few moments that made me think WOW!! The battle seemed to have almost taken on life of its own as it raged around me, immserion indeed:-) CMBS for me is full of wow moments, way way more epic moments than any other game for me ATM, although redstorm is rather good also.. The first quake, Half-Life and esecially apache Longbow 2, CMBO and CMBB had there share of epic moments for me...but CMBS with the 2.2 sound mod is as good as it gets IMHO :-)
  7. Breach teams and breach charges/kits are invaluable in urban fighting... breach a path through garden walls and building's to remain unseen by the enemy and out of there fields of fire as you approach them... Oh and at-14 kornets are bloody scary....:-)
  8. I played the first mission last night and really enjoyed it, the town is becomes a real meat grinder.. especially as I usually set my troops to hide when defending in urban areas against armor, once they are in the town I unhide them and the s**t hits the fan :-) Is there any reason why the player cant reorganize the defenders to start with? The AT7s are a ittle to close to he front line for my liking All in all a good opening scenario, I didn't get a chance to complete it though RL interrupted... Will playthrough it tonight again and finish it this time...
  9. Thanks for the recommendations guys, I have downloaded all the user campaigns in the repository, I am on the 2nd mission in gung ho and I am really enjoying it :-) May give roads to dinas a go after I have finished..
  10. I should get sometime to play tonight, looking forward to testing it :-)
  11. Has anybody brought up the war of Yom Kippur as an idea? M60s and Centurions holding off hordes of Egyptian and Syrian tanks
  12. I was hoping they would fix the oplot rotating and BMP graphic bugs at some point
  13. I wouldn't mind doing a bit of testing for you, PM mea link please :-)
  14. Cheers for the info, will give gung-ho a try :-) Any other opinions on user made campaigns? Thanks
  15. Hi there, I have Just gone back to the SF NATO module to play the campaigns I didn't get a chance to play through years ago, I have question on the amount of missions on each NATO campaign.. So how many missions has each NATO campaign got? Also what are the best user campaigns? Thanks
  16. Cheers Dane.. I have some arty spotters in the Church, a forward air controller and an arty spotter, I will unload the Infantry and use them to scout ahead through the town... This scenario is kind of like a hi tech Stalingrad type situation, close range with extremely deadly high tech weapon systems...
  17. Hi I am playing the Russian campaign, I am on the 5th mission, old town I think its called... Every street is either covered by a Bradley or Abrams and I'm sure there is a Javelin team or 2 somewhere in deeper inside the town, so I am finding it really hard to make much headway... I started with a massive bombardment as I thought that might at least soften up the defenders...but it did not make much difference as far as I can tell... Also the APS on the Bradley's is hard to get through, I know that attacking from multiple directions simultaneously would probably get a kill, but
  18. Hi guys, would you say the vulnerability bug effects all vehicles or just the HMMWV? I am playing through the Russian campaign I am wondering if the tiger gunners are affected also, although I know the tiger gunner has no where near the amount of protection the HMMWV gunner has... Thanks
  19. Thanks, just in time for the bank holiday weekend here in the UK :-)
  20. +1 I was wandering the same thing, I am holding off on the campaigns until the patch is out
  21. I guess we wait for the word from up high then :-)
  22. Any chance of the new 1.03 patch In time for the weekend? How goes the testing :-)
  23. Thanks for the update Chris, I am crossing my fingers that the testing phase will be trouble free :-)
  24. Yes its kind of like a bad doctor joke... "doctor my arm hurts when I do this with it" Doctor replies "don't do that with your arm then" Man am I looking forward to this patch :-)
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