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  1. quick update the issue has been worked out and its back on steam
  2. I just got the game yesterday, and aside from poor pathfinding its a been really fun experience. I figured some of the people here might enjoy or at least find it interesting. Link to steam page
  3. I cant find the file on the new repository can somebody post a link to it on dropbox if they have it
  4. I knew about that but since it has a rather limited supply of ammo. Plus it can't really be used as an apc since it lacks the ability hold more than 3-5 but I'm not sure if the exact number but it's a pretty insignificant. I meant the standard bump-1 that we saw in Afghanistan and shock force.
  5. I thought it is still in use by Ukrainian forces. Anybody know if there are any plans of adding it in the future
  6. every now and then I have trouble getting on the site but recently its been fine
  7. I think there is its called the stepsons of jihad or something like that
  8. its from this one qb map I havent seen it anywhere else, I also went into the editor and tried to add the walls to those spots but it wont work Hills-Rough (1200 X 1424) 233 Probe.btt
  9. http://imgur.com/TcLoTYD I removed the z folder and put it back in to see if that was part of the problem but it did nothing
  10. here is the download link https://www.dropbox.com/s/thhkhapajjc00xf/emccabe%20tanker%20%20mod.zip?dl=0
  11. well this is why I should not write anything at 3am.But I meant to say that I will upload them on the repository or something
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