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  1. Yes, I have the same problem. I hope someone can help me find a "fix" for this problem.
  2. I would like to report my difficulties with CMFI's stability after this patch v. 2.01. I've tried two saved games and both crash at random times.
  3. I successfully patched Build 4 for CMBN, CMFB, CMRT and CMFI to versions 4.01, 2.01, 2.01 and 2.01 respectively. My Saved Games from previous versions cause Crash to Desktop when I try to load an old saved game in CM Red Thunder. The older saved games load up just fine in the other 3 games. The .brz files for CMRT seem to be installed into the correct file. Thoughts?
  4. Is this scenario good to go? I've started it as the Germs vs the AI and don't want to waste time on a broken version of this fine looking scenario. Thanks.
  5. Yes, this problem has been around for years. It still happens to me with 4.0. I am able to solve it by using Hotkeys to move the screen in opposite directions of the spinning. When that fails, reboot the computer.
  6. I am not certain that this is the correct place for my comments, so excuse me if not. The " how much snow on the ground? " question for each scenario is IMPORTANT, in my view, for each scenario. How deep was the snow on the ground at the time and place of the scenario? That could be a tough question to answer. If I recall my reading correctly, the deep snow on the ground did not occur until January, 1945. At the beginning of the German offensive on 16 Dec 44, the ground snow was shallow, maybe an inch. This question should merit some consideration for the sake of historical accuracy.
  7. It's true. The Mission with the PAK problem is one in which the PAK appears as a reinforcement.
  8. How does the save and reload method work? Save the game when the PAK doesn't appear and reload it repeatedly until it does appear? Anyway, the PAK appeared for Mission 6, which is the "Protect the truck convoy and get them off the map" mission.
  9. Not for me. Battle 5 is across the stream and heavy bridge to capture the Eglise. The PAK crew and the halftrack both appear, but the gun itself is completely absent, despite the fact that it appears in the scenario at first Set Up.
  10. I see. So, it is Game Engine related and has nothing to do with any version of the KG Engel Campaign. Thanks.
  11. I forgot to add this important point: I played the original version of this campaign a few times, and the PAK always appeared normally, even when hitched to the halftrack. So, it is puzzling why the Revised version of this Campaign would have the problem.
  12. I tried loading the turn of entry a few times hoping that the PAK would spawn and show up, but no luck. I never had this problem in the original version of this epic Campaign! Is there a fix for this? Or will we have to wait until the next patch for the fix to activate? Thanks.
  13. Well, I went for the small solution of replacing just the hard drive, because that's the only component that failed. However, in about 2 years, I will need an entire new gaming computer. The motherboard and CPU that I have now date from mid-2011.
  14. Another GREAT classic ! Thanks very much for this one. This scenario really shows how the Tiger I was getting obsolete by this phase of the War in the East.
  15. I completed this scenario vs AI as the German. Wonderful experience. Thanks so much for this effort. This scenario is going to be one of the classics, for sure.
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