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  1. Yes, I am installed through v2.01 Game Engine 4. The 2.11 patch must be the patch that installs Fire and Rubble! That's the information that makes it clear for me! Thanks.
  2. Folks, what is the Order of Installation for these two software packages? Install F&B? Then install patch 2.11? I currently have Red Thunder v. 2.01 Game Engine 4 installed and running well. Thanks very much.
  3. I would like more information with regard to the availability of the Patch to Red Thunder that will install the Fire and Rubble module. Right now, only the Full Installation seems available. I'd like to install the patch, instead of the full install. Thanks.
  4. Yes! Thanks so much for this. I've recently re-installed CMBB in order to play some 41-43 scenarios. There are a couple of 41 scenarios that I recall playing years ago but I can't find them again. They were lost in a hard drive crash.
  5. Yes, I have the same problem. I hope someone can help me find a "fix" for this problem.
  6. I would like to report my difficulties with CMFI's stability after this patch v. 2.01. I've tried two saved games and both crash at random times.
  7. I successfully patched Build 4 for CMBN, CMFB, CMRT and CMFI to versions 4.01, 2.01, 2.01 and 2.01 respectively. My Saved Games from previous versions cause Crash to Desktop when I try to load an old saved game in CM Red Thunder. The older saved games load up just fine in the other 3 games. The .brz files for CMRT seem to be installed into the correct file. Thoughts?
  8. Is this scenario good to go? I've started it as the Germs vs the AI and don't want to waste time on a broken version of this fine looking scenario. Thanks.
  9. I am sorry. I should have posted this in tech support.
  10. What is the proper sequence please? I have the latest version. I think I need to uninstall and reinstall. RT keeps crashing. I don't know why. Maybe some files are corrupted, tho I don't know how that happened. Clean install might do the trick. Proper procedure, please? Thanks.
  11. I recall reading that before the Summer of 1943, only the platoon leader had a radio in his tank. The remainder of the Soviet tanks had to keep eye contact with and follow the platoon leader's tank. In the summer of 1941, some Soviet tank platoon leaders used a flag to signal commands to his platoon. I would really like to see 1941 through 1943 covered by Combat Mission, but, how could the game designers replicate the period of war in which only the Soviet tank platoon leader had a radio? Thanks.
  12. I am still not certain with regard to the meaning of all of the info boxes in Interface area 1 from page 19 of the CMBN manual. Since CMFB is a stand alone game, I thought that a quick review would be helpful to new guys. Manual text: On the left (1), you will find basic information about the selected unit, including what type of unit it is, its name, experience, ammunition levels, and so on. It's the use of the phrase "and so on" that I say is unfortunate, because "and so on" is not explained anywhere else. What again are the meanings of the four box areas that are either blank or have anything from -2 to +2 entered? The very first box entry is the particular entry that I find vague. Thanks!
  13. Well in my case this exact bridge was clear of wreckage, but, a few US trucks and an M18 were wrecked just at the German side of the bridge entry tile. It could be that the bug is triggered when a vehicle must Pause on the bridge as is common when in a convoy. I don't know.
  14. Doggone it, Chris! I have a bunch of files saved on the exact turns that the problem occurred and the bug won't repeat itself. It is as though rebooting the game cured the problem. I can tell you that the problem was persistent. for some vehicles. For 2 or 3 consecutive turns, it would rubber band, then I'd reverse completely back off of the bridge and approach it again next turn on SLOW. This worked about half of the time, so, after a few turns of backing off and slowly approaching the bridge again, a vehicle would cross successfully. But, I have to say that the bug will not repeat itself in any of my saved game files. Can one of these files still be of use to you?
  15. I will send a file if that would be helpful. Does Battlefront wish me to send a save file via the Help Desk ? Or has this Bridge Crossing Bug already been noted in CMFB?
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