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  1. Somehow I will get over it There might be a few that benefited from the 15 minute early warning and I just wanted to express my excitement. Trey
  2. And we are booting up. Good luck in the East! Trey
  3. Just got the download email too Trey
  4. 34% Complete. 1.97 GB. 13 Minutes left. Trey
  5. Check your download link. I'm running at 1.46 MB/Sec. CM_RedThunder_Setup.exe. Trey
  6. I didn't get the email but I went to the link sent to me in the email when I pre-ordered last week and now I'm downloading. Trey
  7. Long time lurker here and first post but I have followed this thread with interest. Although, I haven't played enough of the demo yet to pass judgement on the effectiveness of mortars, I will make some comments based on my experiences as a Company Fire Support Officer for the 1-13 Armor out of Fort Riley and as a Battery and Battalion Fire Direction Officer for a Self-Propelled (M109A5/A6) unit and Light Towed (M102A2) unit. My experience with mortars (107mm) has been that wind speed plays a huge part in mortar effectiveness. On the open and windy plains of Kansas, the 107mm Mortars w
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