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  1. Nein! You still need A.I. plans or the computer controlled troops do nothing.
  2. All this back and forth about value, content, is it worth it or not, graphics, etc. has me very confused. So, for the time being, I think I'll just stick to playing SSI's Kampgruppe. No need to worry about grass or tree textures, or roads, or buildings, or water etc. Now, if I could only figure out what hell pulse 3 means I'll be all set.
  3. The most depressing thing about that video wasn't that it was so poorly done, but that the guy actually seemed to have a girl friend who sounded even stupider than him. A match made in heaven.
  4. Not one werewolf, zombie, or vampire, that's pretty accurate. Although probably pretty boring.
  5. Acquire this. http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/crystal-meth-origins-link-back-to-nazi-germany-and-world-war-ii-a-901755.html
  6. Very good. I wonder, if under that helmet he as eyes in the back of his head?
  7. Thanks Baneman and John. Aris gets the credit for the camo. BTW, about 1 minute after this shot was taken, a Sherman knocked it out. A frontal shot no less. Just bad luck, or good depending on your perspective.
  8. I think your problem is that the QB map that you are using does not have any plans for the attacker. The A.I. needs to be given some plans regarding how and where to move, attack etc. It's done from the AI screen in the Scenario editor. See the manual for more details. You have to motivate them, Heinz.
  9. That's what I thought. It's like you were reading my mind. Good to have you back, John.
  10. Please correct me if I am wrong on this, but after I downloaded CMBN 1.0 onto my machine I was also able to install it on my son's machine because, as I understood it, the game came with 2 licenses. I have since upgraded to CMBN 2.0. Regarding the CMBN 2.0 upgrade, does this 2 license plan also apply, or will he have to buy his own 2.0 upgrade? Thanks, Mike
  11. Can someone with the Commonwealth mod use PBEM with someone who does not have the Commonwealth mod? Thanks.
  12. Check the file names of the helmets you are using. I am using CMBN 2.01 and use Ranger helmets and uniforms. The helmet file names I use are smod_american_helmet-soldier and smod_american_helmet-soldier 2. All your troops, with the exception of airborne will then have these helmets. Mike
  13. There were 4 guys. As I watched things play out, 2 of them vanished. Since the Germans were firing at the jeep, I figured 2 of them must have been hit and were "removed'. You can correct me on this, but I don't recall ever seeing bodies slumped over in a jeep or any vehicle. The video card I am using is about 18 months old, it's a Radeon XFX-667 1 gb.
  14. Thanks. You just never know what those guys are going to do.
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