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  1. GhostRider3/3. The mod is from CM:BN. Long story short. The guy in the picture wearing the SS uniform borrowed it so he could have his picture taken in it to impress his girlfriend back in Berlin. Everything was going great until the Americans began to attack. And all of a sudden it's all hands on deck. He's got no time to change, so we have this embarrassing little mix-up. Mike.
  2. Hello MajorProblem. I checked my scenario and the tank in question is a Panther A (Mid). This is a picture with no mod at all. This is a picture of the mod I used. It's name is Small Panzer Lehr Mod. The talented author is RommL. It is available along with all the other CM:BN vehicle mods in the mod repository. The camo pretty much looks the same to me, no tracks on the turret gives the Panther a cleaner look, I think. Hope this info helps. Mike.
  3. There is a little back story to this sequence. To the left, and out of the frame is an abandoned Panther, whose crew had bailed-out, and are now trying to get back into the tank. The scout car has already killed the driver of the Panther. They must have been so distracted they completely missed the German PzFaust team hiding behind the wall. Thanks to this timely action, the Panther crew (or what was left of it) scrambled aboard, got the thing going, and almost saved the day for the Germans. The PzFaust Team survived this encounter; however, they had been spotted by a Sherman hiding
  4. I love this game. The shots were taken at about 200m.
  5. Here are some examples of the great modding work done by Stoppel and the Marsh Pattern Camo, Veins German Uniforms, Waffen 12th by Wyseman76, and lastly Axis Oak Pea Camo by Nik Mond. Thanks for the great work. Mike
  6. Ran the scenario about 10 times, and each time the AI did a little something different. The jeep never did manage to run into the sandbags, but I think from the photos you get the idea what was going on. The last photo is when I believe the jeep struck a mine. Mike. //
  7. Fair enough on the pics. I'll give it a shot. Mike
  8. I got CM:BN a few days ago and have just been fooling around with the scenario editor seeing how things work. I setup a scenario where the A.I. controlled Americans with a company sized infantry force (less arty and heavy weapons) but with 2 jeeps attacks across open ground towards 2 German hvy mg42 teams behind sand bags. To make the attack a little more challenging for the Americans, I put a wood fence 60m in front of the mgs. I wanted to see how much the fence would slow the attack. I wasn't expecting anything theatrical, but as it turned out I was wrong. When the attack started,
  9. Thanks YankeeDog for the quick response. Still thinking about answers 1 and 2. Apparently invisible tanks that stop bullets. No wonder the Germans lost the war. Mike.
  10. I own CMBO and CMBB and have played them over the years. I've downloaded the demo for CMBN and I am trying to decide if I should upgrade to this new version. So, a few questions. 1) Do vehicles provide cover if troops are behind them? 2) Do vehicles block LOS? 3) During night combat are there flares? 4) Can troops ride on tanks? 5) Is there a screen showing OOB? 6) Are the light conditions dynamic? If I start a battle at dusk does the light fade to night as time moves along? Thanks in advance. Mike
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