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  1. Now that you mention it, they do look weird. Really weird. I don't really remember what tree mod I'm using. I gotta check this out. Thanks for the heads up, Panzer.
  2. Just a test using Photoshop CS2, which is new to me. BTW, very nice shot EZ.
  3. I recently read these 2, both very good. The Germans in Normandy by Richard Hargeaves. The Guns at Last Light - The War in Western Europe 1944-1945 by Rick Atkinson.
  4. Haven't watched the entire film, but looks like a nice find, thanks John.
  5. Nelson, I read your post and tried it for myself to see what would happen. The Sherman in the pic had no problem using the paved1 road lined with buildings.
  6. When I remove my Z folder and apply the patch, start the game, no problems. Then, I put the Z folder back in, re-start the game, and that's when I see the problem. Must be something in that Z folder that's gumming up the works, and brother, I am modded up.
  7. Just installed 2.11. I don't have any modules, just the base game. Went to test out the dirt path terrain tile, but I am seeing "snow path." This seems a little strange.
  8. Erwin, not just yet. I've only done a Tiger, the 251 + gun and the Kubelwagon no American stuff. I'm not much of a modder, what I did was take a German vehicle/gun modded by Aris, and using basic image software I converted the image to gray scale. Then I jacked up the brightness and contrast and then using the spray gun tool sprayed on a little "snow". I left the wheels untouched. Is the end result accurate? I don't know, probably not, but it looks ok to me. Also, I would feel funny uploading some else's work(Aris) with only a few changes.
  9. And, did I mention mjkerner? No, you did not. Well now I am sorry. A belated tip of the hat to mjkerner for his mod work.
  10. I only have CMBN and here are 2 quick and dirty shots from my Bulge using those mods. The uniforms don't work with CMBN, all the others seem to. The uniforms I plan to use are a work in progress. The vehicle mods are something I threw together. If anyone is interested, I can post more shots. Thanks kohlenklau for the work done on these mods.
  11. I'm going to do that right now. Thanks for setting me staright.
  12. You need to create at least 1 plan for the AI to follow. QB battles don't come with plans. You can also create your own setup zones for the AI so that the AI's units are not all bunched up with their backs against the wall.
  13. On 6/6/2013, I had a brain tumor removed from the base of my brain in the general vicinity of my pituitary gland. It was in the process of destroying my optic nerveamoung other nasty things. The operation took 8 hours. It turned out not to be malignant. I spent 5 days in a neuro intensive care unit. 10 days after the surgery I was cleaning the gutters on my house. I, like you, thought that maybe this was it, but everything turned out ok. So, good luck.
  14. This image is from the book "The Stalingrad Cauldron" by Frank Ellis.
  15. The wall was broken out using the editor. As for using an undamaged wall, I don't remember if I tried that or not. I did lower the elevation of the ground floor of the building to hide the AT gun a little, then added some tall grass in front of the building.
  16. Yes you can. And Yes the gun can fire out as that Sherman crew found out. Notice upper left corner.
  17. One less. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-23989454
  18. Nice shots. That CO looks like a no nonsense kinda guy.
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